So are the new Philips TVs for 2017

This is how the new Philips TVs are for 2017

Philips has announced the new TV models that will arrive this year . The company has prepared an OLED model, a new processing engine and new designs. They will even release a new version of the operating system they use on their televisions, Android TV. And all this accompanied by Ambilight technology.

The year continues to advance, and television manufacturers begin to show us their proposals more closely. Samsung showed us their QLED TVs in early February. Panasonic did the same at the end of the same month. And just a few days ago, we knew about the new LG TVs. Today it's Philips' turn .

New OLED model

The highlight of the new Philips TV range is the 55POS9002. A TV with a 55-inch OLED panel and UHD Premium certification . The company has equipped this television with an open-frame design in brushed aluminum and a cradle-shaped stand. Thanks to its narrow frame, the connection with the three-sided Ambilight system is perfect. This system achieves a more immersive experience thanks to the projection of color.

The 55POS9002 takes advantage of OLED technology to achieve pure black levels and a more accurate color palette. In fact, the TV achieves a color gamut of 99% DCI-P3 WCG. To the advantages of OLED panels we add the new P5 image processing engine . The combination of both technologies offers, according to the company itself, an overall performance improvement of 50% compared to the Pixel Precise Ultra HD engine.

The combination of a maximum brightness level of 750Nit , the wide color gamut of the OLED and the new P5 image processing engine, have allowed the Philips 55POS9002 to obtain the UHD Premium certification for HDR10 and HLG content.

In addition to great picture quality, the new Philips OLED TV includes the company's triple-ring sound technology as well as support for DTS HD Premium sound. We do not forget the latest version of Android TV.

7000 Series of 2017

Philips 7502

Just below the new OLED televisions we find the 7000 series. We are talking about very thin LED televisions, with many diagonals to choose from and a medium price. Within the 7000 series, the new 7502 stands out , which includes the P5 image processing engine. This model represents the high end of Philips televisions.

Philips 7502

Philips 7502

The Philips 7502 sports a dark brushed aluminum finish bezel and a very discreet center stand. There's no lack of the three-sided Ambilight technology we've seen in the OLED model.

In terms of image quality, the panel has a maximum brightness of 400Nit. This brightness, coupled with the P5 processing engine, enables the 7502 to achieve the Philips HDR Premium standard for HDR10 and HLG content .

On the other hand, the company has also done its homework in the sound section. The Philips 7502 integrates a sound bar into its design. This sound bar is combined with the triple ring technology at the rear of the equipment and has a powerful 45W amplifier.

Finally comment that the new Philips 7502 will be available in 49, 55 and 65 inches .

Rest 7000 series

Other equipment in the 7000 series includes the 7272, in 49 and 55 inches, and the 7202 in 43 inches. Both models feature the Philips Pixel Precise Ultra HD motor with Perfect Natural Motion technology and Micro Dimming Pr o. They also offer panels with a maximum brightness of up to 400 nit and HDR10 functionality.

To accompany the image is included a 20-watt sound system, compatible with DTS Premium Sound. Nor can you miss the exclusive Philips Ambilight technology . The 7272 maintains three-sided projection, while the 7202 uses a two-sided system. Design-wise, the narrow metal frames and the classic arch support remain.

Philips 7272

Philips 7272

In addition, all the new 7000 series equipment is powered by the latest M version of the Android Smart TV system that allows the playback of HDR content from Netflix. The new operating system runs on the quad-core processor and 16GB of internal memory with the option to add more memory via an external hard drive.

2017 6400 Series

Philips 6482

The new 6400 series also has a top-of-the-range model, the Philips 6482. A model that, despite having a more contained price, offers 3-sided Ambilight and a 400 Nit panel. In addition, we also find a 14-bit color processing and the Pixel Plus Ultra HD engine with the Micro Dimming Pro system .

The company has also wanted to give the Philips 6482 a very slim design with silver bezels. This design accommodates a sound bar. This bar is combined with dual ring technology and a 25 watt amplifier for a more powerful sound.

Philips 6482

Philips 6482

Rest 6400 series

But the Philips TV range also includes more affordable models. The next models in the new 2017 6400 range are the 6432, available in 49 and 55 inches. We also have the 6412 model, available in 43, 49, 55 and 65 inches. Both have the Philips Pixel Plus Ultra HD engine and Micro Dimming Pro. All devices are capable of playing HDR10 content .

The 6432 and 6412 models feature ultra-slim designs with narrow silver-finished bezels. They also incorporate the Ambilight on two sides. The Philips 6432 features the Philips “Pinch” bracket . HePhilips 6412, however, offers an open cradle-shaped stand.

Finally, the company is also launching a low-cost model with a 32-inch panel and Full HD resolution . As you can see, the range of Philips televisions for this year is quite wide.