The solution to be able to close your Amazon account permanently

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Can't find a way to close your Amazon account permanently? Have you canceled Amazon Prime and want to close the account? It's not your thing: Amazon keeps the option to delete our account hidden. There are three ways to request that Amazon permanently suspend our account, and all of them involve a relatively complex process, a process that we will see in detail below.

The simple way: send an email to Amazon requesting closure

Probably the easiest, but no less fast, way to close an Amazon account is to contact Amazon technical support directly . Ideally, do it through the same email address that we use in our Amazon account. We can do it through the following address:

The message to request the definitive erasure of our data should be similar to this:

“I am contacting you to request the cancellation of my Amazon account associated with the email address [enter Amazon email address] and the name [enter name and surname of the account holder]. Complying with the European Data Protection Law, I request that any personal data be permanently deleted from Amazon's servers. "

We will most likely get a response within the next three days from receipt of the mail . Again we emphasize the obligation to send the mail through the same Amazon address, since otherwise, the company will not have any proof that the account is our own.

The fastest and most complex way: through the Amazon website

If we want to close the Amazon account without waiting at least three days on average for a response from Amazon, we will have to resort to the Help menu of the same  platform . We can access it through the Amazon footer .

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Within Help we will select the option Do you need more help? and then Contact us . Then a window similar to this will be displayed:

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Then we will select the section of Prime and others. In the section Tell us more about your problem, we will choose the options Update your account information and Close account in the Select a problem and Select the details of the problem drop-downs.

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Finally, three contact options will be displayed: by phone, by chat or by email . If we select the first option, we will have to indicate a valid phone number. In the second case, the Amazon support service will contact us through a chat window. In any of the three options we will have to contact an operator to confirm actively that we want to cancel the Amazon account permanently.

It is likely that during this process the operator will try to convince us not to close our account: it is enough to persist to confirm the operation. The delay time is only two minutes both in chat and on the phone. If we opt for the mail option, the time can be extended from two to three business days.

The last option: call Amazon customer service

Do you prefer a more direct method that does not require emails or access to the Amazon page? The last means of contact we can turn to is based on calling Amazon customer service . We can do it through the following phone number:

  • 800 810 251

Like any number that begins with 800 or 900, the call to the Amazon service is completely free. Once we are served by Amazon agents, we will only have to indicate the reason for the call and provide our personal data .