Hacked Hotmail, how to recover a hacked email account

Hotmail hacked

If you have suddenly found Hotmail hacked and you have lost your email account, you are probably in a state of confusion, not knowing what to do to recover it. Not everything is lost, you still have several possibilities to recover it . Pay attention, because we are going to recommend what you can do about it.

Steps to follow to recover your hacked Hotmail

This situation can be frustrating and frustrating, because your Hotmail email is probably very valuable to you and contains important information . To find the best solution you must do the following:

If you have already tried everything, such as changing and resetting the password, and you cannot access your email account in Hotmail in any way, you need to take another series of measures. You will have to fill in some information, mainly those related to your account, such as the email you want to recover, and the contact email address. To begin this process, do it through this account recovery link.

Recover hacked Hotmail

There may be a lot of data related to your account that you no longer remember well. If you created your email account a long time ago and you no longer remember information, such as the password you had, your associated phone number or the alternative email. You will have to go to Microsoft technical support, and fill in the form that appears, providing all the possible information so that you can continue with the process of recovering your account. It is important that you describe the problem you have well , that way the technical support will understand what is happening to offer you the best possible solution.

Hotmail technical service

After completing the complete form, you will receive an email to the alternative address you have indicated, with the tracking number and the expert assigned to you . Through the link that they provide you can access it at any time to consult what you need.

When filling in the form, they must have provided you with a 9-digit number. With this number, you can also contact the Support team via chat , with which you can raise your problem directly to a non-virtual expert, and you will get an immediate response. Accessing the online chat with Microsoft support.

If you prefer to raise your issue over the phone, you also have that possibility with the customer service phone numbers worldwide.

For complete and more specific information, about everything that may be happening with your Hotmail account, we recommend the section that incorporates their technical service on how to access a compromised Microsoft account.

For those of you who have not lost your email account in Hotmail, it is also convenient to check if it is hacked before you can no longer use it. Every year many emails are stolen using Trojans, cyberattacks and the phishing technique. In this case, tools like Firefox Monitor and BreachAlarm can help you to know if your email account is hacked. Also, if you are suspecting a danger related to your account, and Microsoft has not sent you any notification. Check recent account activity to see if you come across any unexpected surprises.

There are many alternatives you have, both to check if your account has been hacked, and to recover your hacked Hotmail. The important thing is that you start these processes as soon as possible , so that hackers do not compromise your personal data through places like the Deep Web or the Dark Web.