5 best apps to share expenses with friends

5 best apps to share expenses with friends

We have all found ourselves in the situation of organizing a trip or a great meal with friends, and someone ends up paying more… or less. Who has paid for the drink? Is there a boat? How much do I owe you? The typical questions after a dinner or a trip with friends that make us wonder if we had not been more compensated for having gone out for dinner on our own. One thing is clear, it is not easy at all to divide the expenses of a group meeting correctly .

Fortunately, there are apps that can make life easier for us , helping us to correctly divide what each one owes, without having to spend hours counting coins or pulling the calculator as if we were accountants. After all, when we're out on the town, the last thing we want is to complicate our lives by doing the math.

Therefore, in this article, we are going to highlight the 5 best applications to share expenses for both iOs and Android systems .



We start with one of the most successful services, Bizum. With this application, we can make transfers from our mobile to any friend, as long as they are amounts of money up to 1,000 euros at once or 2,000 euros in a single day . In total, we can make a maximum of 60 transactions per month.

The money will be instantly available to the recipient so it is perfect if you organize business dinners, friends, trips ... The money is sent from account to account as long as our account is linked to the application. The essential idea behind Bizum is to allow us to send money without having to have the IBAN of the person you want to send it to.

In short, we are facing an alternative to traditional bank transfers that seeks to compete directly with other systems such as PayPal. Of course, Bizum  is a system integrated directly into the application of each bank , so you do not need to download any app to use it. Of course, most Spanish banks have it, so if you have a second, check if you have the option to use it in your bank's app.



Another of the most successful services when it comes to sending or receiving money is Twyp. Although it began as an exclusive service from ING, it is currently compatible with a large number of banking entities. Thanks to this app it is very easy to pay with your mobile , because we will only have to put money from your bank card and send it to your friends as if it were a simple message. Forget about endless transfers and codes.

We can pay, send money or withdraw money regardless of the bank of which we are clients, quickly and, above all, instantaneously. Of course, it is also free. We can also associate the application with our VISA or Mastercard,  and we can pay up to a maximum of 1,000 euros at a time.

When we access the application, we will have a kind of virtual wallet that we can comfortably recharge from the bank account that we have previously associated. When we go to make any payment, it can only be made from this same wallet to anyone on our phone contact list. We will only need to have your number associated with our Twyp account .

crowd money

Crowd Money

The next app on the list is one of the most pioneers in spending sharing. No less than 7 years have endorsed this app since it began its journey back in 2012. Like others, it will help us to know how to distribute expenses  when we go out in a group, but, in addition, it will allow us to add events, such as trips or dinners, introduce the expenses and the people involved and will remind us who owes what amounts.

Regarding its usability, it has a very accessible interface, resulting in an app that is very easy to use from the first moment. The program calculates what each one consumes , and makes a balance for each member participating in the event. Unfortunately, this app is only available in the App Store for iOS devices.


Settle up

With this app, we can store the expenses accumulated by all the participants of the group and, at the same time, synchronize those same data so that any user can see them. Settle Up will help us to organize ourselves through a table so that all members are zero once they have paid off their debts.

Among the wide range of options and functions that Settle Up incorporates, we would like to highlight the possibility of contemplating different scenarios such as half payments, a percentage, from several people ... It is even possible to attach photos of tickets or invoices.

Another advantage is that the application is cross-platform. We can download it on Android, iOS and Windows devices totally free, in addition to being able to access it in web format from SettleUp.io. It also includes a Premium plan if we want to avoid advertising.



Our last reference on the list, in addition to being one of the most popular, has many similarities with the previous application. Basically, it is used to manage group expenses .

With Splitwise we will be able to divide the accounts between colleagues in the same group , and regardless of the type of event (apartment rental, trips, dinners). We will only need to add each expense made, entering a series of data, such as who paid it or the number of participants, and the application will take care of making the division for us. Fast and easy.

The  app  is available in both an iOS and Android version and best of all, it is free . As if that were not enough, it also offers the possibility of using it in a web version, so that we will not need the  app , but we can use it directly on our laptop. In short, this is a simple application that will allow us to divide expenses correctly and avoid problems with friends. It would be more.

And so far our review for today. Now we can keep track of our expenses when we meet friends . These tools will allow you to settle your debts comfortably and avoid major problems without fear of blood reaching the river.