TP-LINK AC1750 RE450, we have tested it

TP-LINK Archer AC1750 RE450

Your Expert RecommendedIf the WiFi does not reach a room in your house (dead spots) or you notice that the connection becomes too weak when you go from the living room to your room, the TP-LINK AC1750 RE450 is an excellent solution. This accessory is a WiFi signal extender that works as an intermediate point to take the network up to more than 900 square meters . To start it up, just connect it to a socket in your house and synchronize it with the router through a button. Thanks to its simple LED indicator , we will know that we are placing it in the right place. And all this with very high speeds of up to 1,750 Mbps when working simultaneously with the 2.4 GHz bandwidthand the 5 GHz bandwidth (WiFi AC). The TP-LINK AC1750 RE450 is available on the market for an approximate price of 80 euros. We have had the opportunity to try it, we tell you our impressions.

TP-LINK Archer AC1750 RE450


One of the great attractions of this WiFi signal extender is its compatibility with the WiFi AC protocol . This means that you can simultaneously connect to both the 2.4 GHz bandwidth and the 5 GHz bandwidth . The first of these bandwidths is used by the vast majority of electronic devices. But it faces several problems. On the one hand, some electrical appliances such as microwaves also use this width, which often generates interference . This bandwidth is not intended to accept many devices at the same time(the figure is eight), so there can be significant performance drops if you have many computers connected. In contrast, the 5 GHz bandwidth supports higher speeds (up to three times), is less congested, and can seamlessly support many devices using the network at the same time.

To take advantage of this feature, it is necessary to have a router and equipment that supports this protocol. The vast majority of TP-LINK launches in recent months already accept this standard, such as the TP-LINK Touch P5 or the  TP-LINK Archer C2600. The maximum speeds reached by the RE450 network extender are 450Mbps for the 2.4 GHz bandwidth and 1,300 Mbps for the 5 GHz bandwidth. In terms of its scope, the company affirms that it is capable of covering a maximum of 930 square meters . A guarantee so that we can enjoy a stable and fast network experience throughout the house.

TP-LINK Archer AC1750 RE450

Commissioning and operation

There are two ways to connect the TP-LINK AC1750 RE450 to your home WiFi network. On the one hand, we can take advantage of the WPS function in case we have this button on the router (most modern devices already include this feature). To do this, you have to connect the extender to a nearby socket, press the central circular button and then press the WPS button on the router. Once synchronized, we can find another plug that is more practical for us. The network configuration is recorded and maintained at any outlet. This mode is very fast and comfortable.

In the case of not having a WPS button or that this configuration does not finish working, we will have to prepare the extender manually. To do this, the device must be connected to the electrical network and to the computer through an Ethernet port or through the default WiFi network of the TP-LINK. After opening the browser, we will have to enter data network physically . In both cases, what the extender does is "clone" the network, so that our use of the WiFi will not undergo any changes and it is not necessary to enter a different password. By the way, the use of the Ethernet port of the extender also allows us to connect different resources such as a console or a television to the networkand enjoy higher speeds.

TP-LINK Archer AC1750 RE450


The design of the TP-LINK AC1750 RE450 stands out for its attractiveness and simplicity. This team uses the white color both on the front and the back, while the sides and the antennas opt for the gray color . Speaking of antennas, this kit includes three external antennas , two on the sides and one for the top. These antennas can be hidden when we are not using the extender to reduce their size. Size is precisely one of the least powerful aspects of this team. Its dimensions of  163 x 76.4 x 66.5 millimeters make it a fairly large accessory, although it is still light.

Using a large central circular button becomes a very visual tool to sync the extender. In addition, at the end of the circle we have a two-color LED light (blue or red) that will indicate if we have placed the extender in the right place to take the signal to all corners. Also included are three LED indicators with activity on both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bandwidth and with the power indicator. On one of the sides we have a button for the LED signals and to turn the equipment on and off . Finally, a small slot is included to reset the configuration of the TP-LINK AC1750 RE450.

TP-LINK Archer AC1750 RE450

Price and reviews

The  TP-LINK AC1750 RE450 is available on the market for an approximate price of 80 euros. In short, it is a very useful tool to be able to bring the WiFi connection throughout the home. Although it is mainly intended for large houses, even in the smallest apartments we often find the problem of dead spots or performance drop. By the way, it is advisable to get this accessory in those cases in which you have a router and technological equipment compatible with WiFi AC (to take advantage of all its power). Otherwise, you can come up with another more basic model like the TP-LINK TL-WA850RE .

TP-LINK Archer AC1750 RE450

TP-LINK AC1750 RE450

ModelTP-LINK AC1750 RE450
TypeWiFi signal extender compatible with WiFi AC


ExtensionUp to a maximum of 930 square meters
StandardsIEEE802.11ac, IEEE 802.11n, IEEE 802.11g, IEEE 802.11b
Maximum speed In the 2.4 GHz bandwidth: Up to 450Mpbs

In the 5 GHz bandwidth: Up to 1,300Mbps

Receive sensitivity5 GHz:

11a 6Mbps: -93dBm @ 10% PER

11a 54Mbps: -76dBm @ 10% PER

11ac HT20 mcs8: -68dBm @ 10% PER

11ac HT40 mcs9: -64dBm @ 10% PER

11ac HT80 mcs9: -61dBm @ 10% PER

2.4 GHz

11g 54M: -77dBm @ 10% PER

11n HT20 mcs7: -73dBm @ 10% PER

11n HT40 mcs7: -70dBm @ 10% PER

Ethernet1 10/100 / 1000Mbps Ethernet port


Dimensions163 x 76.4 x 66.5 mm
ColorsWhite and gray on the sides
Buttons and LEDsButton to sync WPS with two-color LED indicator (blue correct situation, red weak signal)

Three LEDs (2.4 GHz bandwidth activity, 5 GHz bandwidth activity, On)

Two side buttons for LED indicators and on / off

Reset slot

Antennas3 extendable external antennas

Technical data

CompatibilityMicrosoft Windows (From Windows 98), Mac OS, UNIX, LINUX
Consumption (maximum)9W
Wireless security64/128-bit WEP


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Release dateAvailable
Manufacturer's websiteTP LINK

Price around 80 euros