I have forgotten the Windows password, what can I do

I have forgotten the Windows password, what can I do?

Using a password is a highly recommended practice, to protect our Windows 10 user account, thus preventing unauthorized access. Unfortunately, it also has the drawback, that it will be difficult for us to regain access to our computer, if we have forgotten our Windows 10 user password. In this article we will explain some tricks that you can use to access your computer, if you have forgotten Windows password.

Ask another administrator for help

Normally Windows 10 passwords are used when the same PC is shared with several people. If this is the case, it is more than likely that someone else has an account with administrator privileges.

In this case, you can ask for help from another person with an administrator account , to change the password of your user account, in this way you will be able to access the computer again without any problem.

The process is very simple, since it is only necessary to access the Windows 10 Control Panel , and change some settings of the account whose password you have forgotten.

Once inside the control panel, you have to access the " User accounts " section .

Ask another administrator for help 1

The next step is to click with the mouse where it says " Manage another account "

Ask another administrator for help 2

This will bring up a list of all the user accounts on the computer.

Now you have to click with the mouse on the account you want to modify, and then click on the option " Create a password ".

Ask another administrator for help 3Ask another administrator for help 4

In this way a new password is created for your user, and you can use it to regain access to the computer normally.

Ask another administrator for help 5

Once you have entered your account again, we recommend that you change your password again, so that no one can access your account without your permission.

Hack your Windows password with Ophcrack

Using the previous steps, you can regain access to your account in a very simple way, although this requires that another person have an administrator account on the same computer and the same installation of Windows 10.

If you are the only user of the computer, or the rest of the people who use it do not have an administrator account, you can use a very simple to use free program that will allow you to hack your own account to recover the password.

This program is called Ophcrack . The first step to use it is to download it directly from the official website of the project.

Once you have downloaded Ophcrack, you need to install it on a USB flash drive in order to boot your computer, and run this tool without the need to access your Windows 10 operating system.

There are many tools that allow you to install this type of program on a USB flash drive. We recommend that you use Rufus, because it is one of the best works and it is completely free.

When you have your pendrive ready, you just have to start your PC with it to run this tool. It only takes a few minutes for Ophcrack to show you both the username and password for your Windows 10 account.

Hack your Windows password

This is a very powerful tool that must be used responsibly.

Reinstall Windows 10

Thanks to Ophcrack you should be able to regain access to your Windows 10 user without any problem, although if for some reason not because it is also not able to find the user password, you can resort to the most radical option of all which consists of reinstalling Windows 10.

reinstall windows 10

The disadvantage of this last method is that you will lose all the files that you have stored in the same partition of the hard drive where Windows 10 is located.