How to unsubscribe from Spotify


Many of us use the paid versions of Spotify to listen to music. Generally, it is a subscription that we want to keep indefinitely and it is automatically renewed month by month. Therefore, if we do not want to extend the premium access to this service any longer, it is necessary to unsubscribe.

The reasons for the withdrawal can be several: that we sign up for another similar service , that we would only like to enjoy it during the summer months or, simply, that it does not convince us for any reason.

In any case, the process is simple once you know how to do it. The first thing you have to do is open the address //, that is, our user profile:


On this page, go to the "Manage your subscription" section and click on the "See your options" link. At this point, Spotify will remind you of everything that you are going to miss if you unsubscribe and, in case you have the Unlimited version (the one that allows you to use Spotify from your mobile or tablet), it will offer you the possibility of not giving up low, but reduce the subscription to the Premium mode , with unlimited listening to music, but only from the browser or from the PC or Mac .

Just below this option is a title that asks you if you are sure you want to abandon your subscription, if you are sure of it, click on the link "Click here to continue to the cancellation page".


At this point, Spotify will ask you why you do not want to continue paying for its service, choose the reason that is closest to the one that has prompted you to unsubscribe. If the cause you are going to give is not on the list or you simply do not want to give an explanation, choose "Other reasons" and fill in (or not) the explanatory text of your reasons.


Below you will find several buttons: in this case, despite the fact that it is an Unlimited account , the texts are somewhat confusing. It allows me to go Premium and try Unlimited (that is, stay as I was). The third button is the one that leads to unsubscribe.

Spotify 4

After pressing the unsubscribe button, you will access a confirmation screen. Pressing the button and confirming your identity through your password, you give low Account Premium or Unlimited to Spotify . That is, you will go to Free mode .


According to the LOPD , you have the right to cancel the personal data that a provider stores when you stop being a user. In case you remain a free user, this data will still be there (playlists, your favorite music, etc.). If you want to completely delete your account, Spotify doesn't seem to make the task much easier.

The only way to delete a free account that we have found in the conditions of use is to go to //, where the provider explains that through the tool configuration you can delete "part of the information" that Spotify stores about you. For other clarifications (such as the process to completely unsubscribe), the way is to write by email to [email protected].