▷ Elections 2019: consult the electoral program of all the parties online

Elections 2019: how to vote by mail from Spain and abroad

A little over a month before the 2019 Elections on April 28, almost all of the political parties that present their candidacy for the presidency have not yet published their respective electoral programs . Although it is true that most of its web pages are active, to this day we can still only read the electoral program of a few parties. A few days ago we showed you how to vote by mail both inside and outside of Spain. On this occasion we have made a compilation of all the programs that are available, as well as the pages of the different groups to read the program when it is online.

Election program PP 2019 online (PDF)

pp popular party logo

The Popular Party program is not yet available for download in PDF. As is usual in Pablo Casado's group, the party will publish its program just over two weeks before the elections of April 28, 2019.

Be that as it may, we can access the website of the PP programs to check it when it is available online.

  • Link to the PP program

Electoral program PSOE online (PDF)

psoe logo

The Spanish Socialist Workers Party, like the PP, has not published its electoral program to date.

What we can read are the various proposals that the political party offers before the 2019 Elections . In the event that we want to read the program, we will have to wait for the group to publish it in the Programs section of its website

  • Link to the PSOE proposals
  • Link to the PSOE program

Unidos Podemos online electoral program

united we can logo

Unidos Podemos, the group of Podemos plus Izquierda Unida plus EQUO, does have its electoral program published on the official website of the political party.

Unlike the rest of the games, this one is not available to download in PDF , but on the Unidos Podemos page itself.

  • Link to Unidos Podemos program

VOX electoral program online (PDF)

vox logo

Like Unidos Podemos, VOX also has an electoral program, which was published after the celebration of the event in Vistalegre . The difference with respect to the previous one is that this one can be downloaded in PDF format.

  • Link to the VOX program

Citizens online electoral program

citizens logo

The orange group led by Albert Rivera joins the list of parties with electoral programs.

In a similar way to the party of Pablo Iglesias and Alberto Garzón, we can consult it directly from the Ciudadanos website without having to download any PDF document.

  • Link to the Citizens program

PACMA online electoral program

pacma logo

The animal party program is not available on its website.

What we can read, as in the PSOE, are a series of general proposals to develop in its program for the elections of April 28, 2019 .

  • Link to the PACMA program and proposals

Electoral program ERC Esquerra Republicana online (PDF)

republican esquerra logo-min

The program of Catalan origin, like the majority of political parties, has not yet published its electoral program .

Nor does it have a page dedicated to the party's electoral programs, so we can only access the home page while waiting for its publication to be announced (in Catalan, of course).

  • Link to ERC website

PDeCAT online electoral program (PDF)

pdecat logo

Nor has the PDeCAT Democratic Party published its electoral program , which is usually encoded in PDF.

While waiting for the website to make it public, we can access the Electoral Programs section to check it manually; of course, in Catalan.

  • Link to the PDeCAT program