Instagram account blocked: reasons and how to regain access

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The latest update of the Instagram use policy has tightened some of the application's conditions. This update responds to various movements that have encouraged incitement to hatred of certain discriminated groups. For this same reason, thousands of accounts have been partially or permanently blocked . Others, on the other hand, have been banned for no apparent reason, as confirmed by several users.Let's see below some of the reasons for the platform's veto and how to recover a blocked Instagram account in 2020.

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Instagram has blocked my account, why?

The reasons that Instagram currently considers to veto an account are diverse and do not always respond to attitudes that incite hatred. On the Instagram Help page (we can access it through this link) the platform contains dozens of rules of conduct. By way of summary, the subtext of its policies defines four different patterns:

  • Massive follow-ups and exaggeratedly high activity : following dozens of accounts in a short period of time or interacting with other profiles, for example, commenting in bulk on other publications or liking an exaggeratedly high number of photos. The number of publications made within a given period is also assessed. For example, uploading a multitude of photos to the feed with little time of separation.
  • Publications with copyright or that violate Instagram policies : nudity, child pornography, violence, incitement to hatred ... Any content that violates the community rules of Instagram will be grounds for suspension by the platform itself. This also applies to content registered by authors. If we share photos and videos protected by copyright, such as third-party brands or images extracted from paid image banks, Instagram reserves the right to veto our account.
  • Complaints and reports by other users of the platform : if we receive a considerable number of reports by other users of the social network, Instagram will automatically terminate our account after assessing whether our content violates the platform's standards. The origin of these reports can be diverse. Inappropriate content, racist or xenophobic comments, selective harassment of a discriminated group and a long etcetera.
  • Suspicious activity and logins : for security reasons, Instagram will suspend access temporarily if it is accessed from several devices at the same time or if the access IP address comes from an area far from the usual connection zone. For example, from China, the United States or Nigeria.

What can I do to recover a blocked Instagram account

Let's be clear. If we have violated some of the community rules of Instagram, there is no possible way to regain access to our account. In this case, Instagram is likely to suspend our account temporarily or permanently if the breach is repeated. But what happens if we do not agree with the suspension of the account or it has been caused by some suspicious login? In this case, we can take action on the matter.

To regain access to our account we will first have to contact the Instagram service through the following form:

  • Access the Instagram contact form

Within the form we will have to fill in all the necessary information for the company to verify our identity. Email, full name, country of residence ... If we are a company or self-employed, we will have to provide the relevant tax information, as we can see in the screenshot below.

recover locked account instagram 2020

After submitting the form with all the fields completed, Instagram will generate a verification code that will be sent to us through the email address provided. This code must be inserted in the box that will appear below in the Help form. The normal thing is that we are asked to attach a selfie to verify that, indeed, we are the sole owners of the account. In the selfie, our face must appear clear and with recognizable facial features.

Action blocked on Instagram, how to recover the functions of my account

Another method of action that Instagram applies to penalize users who have violated its community rules has to do with the limitation of some functions of the account. This limitation applies to both 'Likes' and comments or the Follow function of the application and usually lasts from 3 to 7 days , according to several users have asked to verify.

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Generally, this blocking is made evident with the message “Error: action blocked” when we try to interact with other users or perform some of the mentioned actions. The message in question says the following:

“This action has been blocked. Try again later. We restrict certain content and certain actions to protect our community. Let us know if you think we have made a mistake. "

If we believe that the limitation imposed by Instagram is unfair, we can complain to the platform through the option 'Report a problem' that is displayed together with the warning message. We can also do it through our profile in the Settings section, specifically in the Help option .

Instagram account blocked: reasons and how to regain access 1

Within this option we will click on Report a problem or Send comments. In any of the options we will have to indicate the reason for the query and the reasons why we consider that our account should be unblocked . The normal thing is that we get a response in less than a week, depending on the saturation of the service. Due to the current situation due to the coronavirus, the response may be delayed more than normal.