The funniest memes of Real Madrid Barcelona

The funniest memes of Real Madrid Barcelona

Tonight the highly anticipated Real Madrid FC Barcelona Classic was played at the Santiago Bernabéu stadium. And the truth is that things have not ended well for the visiting team. The match ended  with a 2-0 result, in favor of Real Madrid.

The truth is that the expectation was maximum, since in addition to the usual bite between the fans of both teams, the match brought together the two top scorers in the League : Messi with 18 goals, and Benzema with 13.

Rivalries aside, we can only add some humor to the matter and what better way than with a good batch of the best memes of the Classic Real Madrid FC Barcelona . We all know how Internet users spend them when they have the opportunity to draw blood on an event of this caliber. We are impatient, so we are going to enjoy like dwarfs with these creations worthy of being in a museum.


The previous one was already quite hot, and more so after the hard blow suffered by Real Madrid this week after losing 2-1 against Manchester City  in the second round of the Champions League. meme 2

Of course, the Barcelona fans have taken the opportunity to make firewood from the fallen tree.


Some still maintain a positive attitude, and think about the best way to manage the lack of victories of the madridistas. Anything to regain lost glory.

@Cristiano will be at the Bernabéu and will support Real Madrid in #ElClasico


- Madrid Sports (@MadridSports_) March 1, 2020

Cristiano Ronaldo had planned to go to see the Clásico at the Bernabéu from a private box, and many have been sentimental to learn of the presence of the Portuguese star in today's match.


Surprise on the Real Madrid squad: Jovic, a regular, is left out and Mariano enters.

Vinicius' sense of danger as he approaches the rival area #ElClasico

- Miguel Arriero (@MiguelArriero) March 1, 2020

The role of Vinicius throughout the game summarized in a single image. Of course, in the end he has become one of the heroes of the meeting .

It is very nice to see two players from the same team cheering each other on. That's camaraderie 👏🏻👏🏻 # ElClásico

- WolfDen 🐺 (@ wolfpa13) March 1, 2020

There are those who question the work of referee Mateu Lahoz during the day today.


Kroos' gesture with his hand to Vinicius Jr indicating the unchecking that preceded the first goal of the night has not gone unnoticed on social networks. Toni, you are great.


The truth is that the participation of the young Vinicius until now in Real Madrid was being questioned by the most critical sector . Yesterday the Brazilian striker was in charge (and in what way) to silence these criticisms.

That yesterday Cristiano and Messi went to the Bernabéu to see the classic was a great detail. Big.

- Madridisme (@madridisme) March 2, 2020

For some, yesterday Messi seemed more like a spectator than a player who gives everything on the field.


An offensive strategy that of Barcelona totally inoperative during much of the meeting and that in the end did not cause any serious moment of danger .


This is how the Real Madrid fans had to experience last night's match as events unfolded. What is said a roller coaster of emotions .

Mariano and Vinicius having dinner after the classic

-. (@LeBronazi) March 1, 2020

The undisputed heroes of the party. Mariano and Vinivius Jr have restored hope and passion to a team and a whole fan base .

Cristiano wins even from the stands 🤍 # ElClásico

- Bea Hernández (@BeaHdezz) March 1, 2020

Cristiano's presence at the end has brought luck.