Packard Bell dot s, 10-inch video ready

Packard Bell dot s

The most used laptops today usually have 15.6-inch screens , but if what we want is a more daily use, the best options are usually netbooks . Machines with somewhat smaller screens and in which portability is usually the strongest point . The firm has presented the new Packard Bell dot s , a netbook with a 10.1-inch screen and a very light weight . If what we do is travel a lot and we are looking for something with a compact design , this may be one of thebetter options .

It uses LED backlighting technology , in this way it can offer us a good brightness as well as low consumption . The power is marked by a third generation Intel Atom processor , and the RAM starts at 1 GB , although we can expand it to double. The graphics card is integrated into the motherboard. It is not a machine designed for next- generation video games , but there is no doubt that we can run several applications at the same time without problem.

It is available in several colors: purple, white and black , and one of the best points in favor is that the weight does not reach a kilogram . In addition, the size is smaller than that of a magazine , which makes it a very comfortable device to carry anywhere.

Packard Bell dot s

The design tries to attract attention , and you know it thanks to its minimal thickness and a very pleasant touch throughout the case. What's more, the keyboard is of the "chiclet" type , that is, with the rubber keys and somewhat separated , which seem to be floating above the machine. It comes with several USB 2.0 ports to transfer files, Wi-Fi to connect to the Internet without cables, webcam, microphone, surround sound speakers, multi-card reader and Bluetooth 4.0 . It also has an HDMI output in case we want to see the content on a monitor that acceptshigh definition (HD) .

The hard disk can be chosen between two models , one of 160 GB and another of 250 . Another good thing is that the battery lasts about 8 theoretical hours , which is not bad at all. Finally, we see that the firm belonging to the Taiwanese Acer does not intend to set aside one of its most productive ranges, that of netbooks. The new Packard Bell dot s are now available in authorized stores around the world and on the website itself. The price is another of the points in favor, and that is that the most basic costs about 250 euros approximately .