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samsung galaxy s5

Manufacturers often renew the image of the system with the launch of new smartphones, either with changes to the interface or with new wallpapers. Samsung tends to bet on these types of changes and its latest launch, the Samsung Galaxy S5 , was not going to be less. The company has made quite a few changes to the device, both hardware and software, but also aesthetically. Although the exterior design has not been modified much, the interface of the system does have a different appearance, with flatter and simpler icons. At the moment it is not possible to have the interface of the Galaxy S5on other devices, not even Samsung's own. However, users who want to have the wallpapers of the new Korean terminal are in luck, and it is that a DeviantArt user has copied all the details of the striking wallpapers of the new model, so they are available for any smartphone.

SGS5 wallpapers

The person in charge of the creation of these copies is Shimmi1 , a DeviantArt user who makes his skill in these images very clear. The main wallpaper of the Samsung Galaxy S5 is made up of a mesh of triangles of different colors and gradients that create a very interesting geometric effect. There are also other variations in more muted tones and one all in blue. We can imagine how complicated it will have been to copy this framework, all from the images that Samsung has published. Normally the wallpapers usually arrive directly from the ROMs, but since the Galaxy S5 is not yet in stores, this contribution is appreciated.

SGS5 wallpapers

As we said, these are high resolution images that can be downloaded to any smartphone and then set as wallpaper, it does not have to be a Samsung Galaxy. The only thing to keep in mind is that the aspect ratio of each screen can modify the frame, but being in high quality there will be no pixelation problems. At the end of the article we attach the links to the four wallpapers , all you have to do is save the image you like the most on your mobile and then set it as the wallpaper. Both in the case of Android and iOS and Windows PhoneIf we keep pressed on the photo, a menu appears with the option Save image. New photos are usually stored in the image gallery, but within a folder called Downloads or Saved Images. Then you have to open the photo, open the menu again and choose the option to set as wallpaper, it's that simple.

Samsung has done a good job decorating the system for its Samsung Galaxy S5 and the image is very striking. However, there are countless portals with wallpapers for smartphones that contain equally attractive options, sometimes even more. However, the fact that it is the wallpaper of such a well-known smartphone increases the interest.

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