▷ These are the limitations of pirated Windows 10 without activating and without a license

How to reset a Windows 10 computer

Windows 10, as a paid operating system, obliges anyone who installs a legal version to buy a license or a key to activate Windows 10. Currently, the Windows 10 trial period is limited, and once this period has elapsed trial, some of the most important functions of the system will be limited . The only way to unlock these kinds of features is to activate Windows 10. What are the limitations of Windows 10 without activation and without a license? We see it below.

First of all, how long is the Windows 10 trial period?

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The trial period that Microsoft establishes for Windows 10 and the rest of Windows-based systems (Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7…) is 30 days .

Later, all the functions that we will mention below will be limited until the activation of Windows through a legal license.

Limitations of pirated Windows 10 without a license

These are the limitations of Windows 10 without activating 1

There are many limitations that Microsoft imposes if we use pirated Windows 10 without activating. Whatever version of Windows 10 we have installed on our computer (Windows 10 Pro, Windows 10 Home, Windows 10 S ...), the company tends to veto three of the most basic functions of the system.

You won't be able to customize Windows 10

The first of the limitations has to do with the customization of the system. In the event that we have pirated Windows 10, Microsoft will cancel any possibility of personalization through wallpapers, personalized themes, colors and everything that has to do with the Windows Start menu and the taskbar.

In this sense, the appearance of the system will be as we left it before the end of the trial period , with the exception of the wallpaper and the colors, which will become black.

Forget about removing the Windows watermark

The famous Activate Windows watermark will be impregnated at the bottom right of our screen. Whether it is to watch videos, play games or handle between applications, the Windows 10 watermark will appear in all parts of the system.

The good news is that we can remove the watermark from Windows by following the steps detailed in the article we just linked. Unfortunately, all other features will continue to be limited .

And to synchronize computers with the Microsoft account

If you use a Microsoft account (Outlook or Hotmail) to synchronize files and settings between computers, Windows 10 will veto any connection when using that account to perform the actions just mentioned.

What will work in pirated Windows 10

Reasons to disable Windows 10 updates and how to do it

All is not lost with the use of an unactivated Windows 10. Fortunately, Microsoft maintains most critical system functions even after the 30-day trial period has passed.

Windows updates will keep coming

As surprising as it may seem, Microsoft has decided to keep system updates to keep Windows 10 safe and private .

From the System Updates application (Windows Update in English) we can update the computer normally.

Performance will not be affected

Since the release of Windows 10 there is a false belief that the performance of the system decreases after the trial period.

Nothing is further from reality. Windows 10 will continue to function normally . We can also switch between the available performance modes, such as the Maximum Performance Mode, to play titles with a high degree of graphic load.

And Windows Defender will remain as the first day

Windows Defender, the current Windows 10 antivirus, will continue to work as it did on day one .

Real-time protection, as well as file scanning and antimalware protection will continue to be active from within the antivirus application itself, and the database will continue to be updated with the latest threats detected by Microsoft.