Samsung QLED Q70R, the Direct Full Array system comes to the 7 series

Samsung QLED Q70R, Direct Full Array system comes to Samsung 7 series

your expert RECOMMENDEDThis year we have great news in Samsung's QLED range. And it is that the Korean manufacturer has decided to bring the Direct Full Array lighting system to the 7 series . This is the first year that it has done so and it is undoubtedly great news for users with tighter budgets. In addition, the Samsung QLED Q70R also includes the Quantum 4K processor with Artificial Intelligence and the Ultra Viewing Angle system. Of course, we went to a Q HDR 1000 system. Leaving aside the image characteristics, the Samsung QLED Q70R maintains most of the extras of its older sisters. We have the new version of the Smart TV system, with Ambient Mode and Alexa and Google assistants. And we also have the enhancements for gamers, like FreeSync technology. So sure are Samsung that the Q70R will be a bestseller that they are going to launch it in no less than 5 different diagonals: 49, 55, 65, 75 and 82 inches. We are going to review in depth what this television offers us.


Diagonal49, 55, 65, 75 and 82 inches
Resolution and technology4K, Quantum HDR 1000, Ultra Viewing Angle, Supreme UHD Dimming, HDR10 + and HLG, Quantum 4K Image Processor with AI
Panel typeLED with Direct Full Array illumination
SupportTwo little legs at the ends
Operating systemTizen tv
ControlOne Remote control
Sound2.1ch, 40W, Dolby Digital Plus
ConnectionsDual tuner T2CS, 4 x HDMI, 3 x USB, LAN
Wireless connectivityIntegrated WiFi and Bluetooth
OthersAmbient Mode, SmartThings, FreeSync
Dimensions (with base)49 inches: 109.4 x 70.7 x 24.8 cm

55 inches: 123 x 78 x 24.8 mm

65 inches: 144.9 x 91 x 28.5 cm

75 inches: 167.5 x 104.8 x 35.9 cm

82 inch: Not available

Weight (with stand)49 inch: 14.1 kg

55 inch: 18.5 kg

65 inch: 24.9 kg

75 inch: 36.6 kg

82 inch: Not available

Release dateComing soon
Price49 inches: 1,500 euros

55 inches: 1,700 euros

65 inches: 2,200 euros

75 inches: 3,300 euros

82 inches: 4,500 euros

Full-range illumination and Quantum 4K processor

in-depth Samsung QLED Q70R panel

The Samsung QLED Q70R offers very similar characteristics to its older brothers, although somewhat curtailed. The Quantum Dot technology allows the TV to be able to show 100% of the volume color . This makes the TV capable of displaying bright and dark scenes at any brightness level.

But there are two great novelties in the 7 series of 2018. For the first time, this series receives the Direct Full Array lighting system . It is a lower version compared to the higher models, whose difference we understand will be the number of individual zones available. But still, it's still a much better option than an Edge LED lighting system.

In addition to this system, the Samsung QLED Q70R also includes the new Quantum 4K processor . This uses Artificial Intelligence to get clearer images, adjust the brightness of the screen and even make the sound adapt to the content played. It also takes care of scaling any image, whatever source it comes from, to the 4K UHD resolution of the panel.

in-depth Samsung QLED Q70R viewing angle

Regarding the models of the 8 and 9 series, we lose some brightness. The Samsung QLED Q70R features Q HDR 1,000 versus HDR 1500 from the Q80R and HDR 2000 from the Q90R. This translates into a lower maximum brightness level than its sisters, although higher than the average of LED televisions and even OLED.

Additionally, Samsung has included new Ultra Viewing Angle technology to improve viewing angles. As you surely know, one of the great problems of LED technology is maintaining quality when we do not see the TV from the front. With this technology, Samsung says it has greatly improved this problem compared to last year's models.

If you like to play you must take a look at this TV

in-depth Samsung QLED Q70R gamers

Many users choose to choose QLED televisions for their game rooms. The LED technology guarantees that the screen will not have burns, even when we spend many hours with the same image. In addition, the high maximum brightness that these televisions include makes the gaming experience very interesting.

As Samsung knows, this year it has empowered its televisions with new features aimed at gamers. For example, they now support AMD's FreeSync (VRR) technology . This will reduce latency and possible skipping when using an AMD graphics card.

On the other hand, the Samsung QLED Q70R is equipped with the “Game Enhancer” . This enhances the image of the game, also improving visibility in dark areas through the Dynamic Black Equalizer. It also improves the sound for greater immersion in the game.

One of the best Smart TVs is even better this year

thoroughly Samsung QLED Q70R legs

Samsung's Smart TV system works really well, so there would be no point in making a radical change to it. Therefore, the Korean manufacturer continues to add small details that make it even better.

For example, this year the Universal Guide has improved its recommendations . In addition, it is able to search for content in all the payment services to which we are subscribed.

On the other hand, new and surprising functionality is coming to Samsung's QLED TVs. The 2019 models are compatible with Apple AirPlay 2 and have access to the iTunes Store .

in-depth Samsung QLED Q70R Ambient

And in the year of virtual assistants, a device as important as the TV cannot be without one. But Samsung has thought that better to put them all. The Samsung QLED Q70R has Bixby , Samsung's assistant, for most functions and searches. But it is also compatible with Amazon's Alexa and the Google Assistant for basic functions.

Of course, two functionalities that we learned about last year are also maintained: Ambient Mode and SmartThings . With the first we can turn the television into a painting when it is off. And with the second we will have the option of controlling our entire digital home from the television.

Pricing and availability

In-depth Samsung QLED Q70R pricing

Despite incorporating Direct Full Array technology in the 7 series, this year's starting price is somewhat lower than that of the same models last year . In addition, the number of diagonals available has been increased.

Thus, the Samsung QLED Q70R will be available in:

  • 49 inches with a price of 1,500 euros
  • 55 inches with a price of 1,700 euros
  • 65 inches with a price of 2,200 euros
  • 75 inches with a price of 3,300 euros
  • 82 inches with a price of 4,500 euros