How to fix Windows 10 boot error 0x00000e9

5 programs to clean the Windows 10 registry

We turn on our computer, start Windows 10 or Windows 8 and an error message with the number 0x00000e9 appears on the screen, preventing us from accessing our user session. Although it is rarely common, error 0x00000e9 has been searched for by several thousand users who have seen their main work computer go down. As a general rule, this error is usually related to system updates once they have been installed. Fortunately, these types of errors have an easy solution, as we saw previously in errors such as 0x80072f8f or error 0xc0000142.

Before fixing error 0x00000e9…

To repair this and many other Windows 10 startup errors, it will be necessary to mount a USB drive or Windows 10 installation disk  (or Windows 8, as long as we have the latter) to access the recovery options. Since access to the system becomes impractical, we will have to resort to a secondary computer with Windows installed to create the relevant USB or CD.

How To Fix Windows 10 Boot Error 0x00000e9 1

The process to mount a USB with Windows 10 is very simple. We can see it by following the instructions in the article that we just linked. Once we have prepared everything, we will have to start the system through USB using the BIOS boot options of our motherboard. In this article we explain how to proceed step by step.

How To Fix Windows 10 Boot Error 0x00000e9 2

The last step after having accessed the Windows 10 USB drive or CD will be to click on the Repair the computer option that will appear next to the system installer after having accepted Microsoft's terms and conditions of use.

Solution 1 to Windows 10 error 0x00000e9

If we have already reached the Windows 10 recovery options, the next thing we will have to do is click on Troubleshoot and then on Startup Repair .

How To Fix Windows 10 Boot Error 0x00000e9 3

Once inside, we will click on the name of our operating system - which can be Windows 10 or Windows 8 - and immediately afterwards the program will begin to diagnose our PC.

How To Fix Windows 10 Boot Error 0x00000e9 4

When the process has finished and all the errors have been resolved, the computer will restart and we will be able to access Windows normally.

Solution 2 to Windows 10 boot error 0x00000e9

If we apply the startup repair tools, it is likely that the system will not find any fault and, therefore, the error 0x00000e9 will not be repaired. To do this, we will have to access the Windows recovery USB or the CD again, although this time we will use the Command Prompt option , which is located just below Startup Repair.

error 0000e9 windows 10

Within the same tool, a window similar to the Windows CMD will appear. To repair the boot with error 0x00000e9 we will have to enter the following command to repair the MBR partition system:

  • bootrec / fixmbr (or  bootrec.exe / fixmbr by default)

Later we will use this other command in order to repair the start:

  • bootrec / fixboot  (or  bootrec.exe / fixboot  by default)

Next, we will enter the following command:

  • ren c: \ boot \ bcd bcd.old  (note, this time the bars are reversed)

And finally, the following command:

  • bootrec / rebuildbcd  (or  bootrec.exe / rebuildbcd  by default)

After entering this last command, we will press Y or S (depending on the language of the system) to accept the operation to be carried out. Finally we will write exit and restart the computer so that all the changes are applied.

Solution 3 to Windows 10 error 0x00000e9

In the event that the previous commands have not worked for us, we can resort to a series of instructions to recover the system folders and repair the Windows registry using the Command Prompt.

How To Fix Windows 10 Boot Error 0x00000e9 5

To do this, we will have to enter the following commands in the same order as indicated:

  • c:  (if our main hard drive has a different letter, we will have to change the C for the corresponding letter)
  • cd c: \ Windows \ System32 \ config \ System32> copy *. * backup (be careful, the bars are inverted)
  • copy *. * backup
  • md backup_2
  • copy *. * backup_2
  • cd regback
  • dir
  • copy *. *

After entering this last command, we will select the option of All or All , depending on the system language, to select all the files. Finally we will write exit and the computer will restart automatically.

Solution 4 to Windows 10 boot error 0x00000e9

The next method to solve the error 0x00000e9 will depend on whether we have previously created a restoration image through the respective options in Windows 10. If not, it is best to resort to the following option.

error 0x00000e9 windows 8

Using the same Windows recovery USB, we will access the option to Restore the system to load any of the images that we have previously generated. Once we click on the option in question, a list will appear with all the images of the system, as we can see in the image above.

Finally we will select the most recent one and we will click Next so that the system begins to restore itself automatically.

Solution 5 to startup error 0x00000e9 error

If none of the above has worked, the last step left is to reset the equipment. This process leaves a clean image of Windows 8 or Windows 10 in order to repair any startup failure without losing any files that we have previously stored.

How To Fix Windows 10 Boot Error 0x00000e9 6

The process is as simple as entering the system again through the recovery USB and clicking on Reset this computer . Later we will select Keep my files in case we want to save our Windows files. Otherwise, we can choose Remove all. Of course, we will not be able to recover the files later, so we will have to be careful.

Finally, the system will be restored after several reboots after applying the respective changes.