How to control phone from PC with AirMirror

How to control phone from PC with AirMirror

Our mobile phone has become a kind of appendage or extension of ourselves . A kind of personal assistant without which we could not operate practically in our day to day. From receiving and sending messages by WhatsApp, to making videoconferences by Skype, contact list ... it seems that the calling function has been practically forgotten.

We have reached such a point that those of us who work in front of a computer generally need the telephone and the PC to interact to keep our tasks organized. And this is where AirMirror comes in, a very useful remote control app that allows us to access mobile devices from another Android phone   or PC , and take control over them. Sounds good right? Well, stay with us and we will tell you below what it consists of.

Air Mirror, AirDroid's little sister

AirMirror is an independent application for mobile devices and a functionality included in the desktop version and the web version of AirDroid that allows us to control our mobile device remotely .

With AirMirror, the same user and owner of two devices, can see the screen and control a mobile or tablet (Android or Iphone) from another mobile or PC , as if we were actually operating it. We can use the telephone from a distance comfortably, making use of all its functions freely.

But for two devices to interact, both applications must be installed : AirDroid on the device to be controlled, and AirMirror on which it will be used to control. In both cases you have to use the same account, because the application is designed to manage our own devices, and not those of third parties.


Things to keep in mind before installing AirMirror

Before getting down to work and getting your hands on this practical app, you must follow a series of previous steps. First of all, don't install AirMirror directly without having AirDroid installed on the device you want to control. The Android mobile or tablet that is going to be remotely controlled necessarily needs to have AirDroid installed beforehand.

On the computer from which we will control our mobile or tablet it will not be necessary, because in that case it will be enough to have AirMirror, although nothing will happen if you have both applications installed on the same device .

Second, we will have to  log in to AirDroid , or create an account if it is the first time we use it. As we have advanced above, this account must be the same for both applications, AirMirror and AirDroid.

Once AirDroid is already installed, we must root the devices to be controlled . In the event that you have superuser permissions, you must also root the "non-root" authority obtained, or if the mobile we want to control does not have root, we will have to perform an activation process from a Mac or PC.

Now that you know how to start using this application, it is up to you to get the most out of it. And believe us, it has multiple possibilities . Just to mention some of the uses that we can give to this application are remote training, showing applications, streaming live games, remote assistance or the use of our mobiles as if they were surveillance cameras.