12 epic scenes captured in Google Maps photos

12 epic scenes captured on Google Maps photos 1

Google Maps is without a doubt one of the best services of the American firm. With Maps, we can search for places, get to places, and locate ourselves if we have gotten lost. But it doesn't just work as GPS. Over the years, hundreds of images have been shared about weird and really funny things from Google Maps. Here are twelve of the most epic images captured by Google's car.

This kid who falls off the scooter

I was looking for a town site on google maps and suddenly I come across this pic.twitter.com/Ay5TtPGqaq

- hehe ♀ (@buterasroad) November 27, 2017

A user on Twitter was looking for a street on Google Maps when he came across this boy. As seen in the image, the boy has fallen off the tricycle, leaving his face against the ground of the street. The funny thing about this picture is that the boy stayed on the ground for a long time.

These people who were going to “… a pigeon convention?

Google maps

We do not know exactly why this image, but it is one of the most epic on Google Maps. It was captured in Japan, and as shown, they are several people with pigeon masks. A fancy dress party, a video clip, a pigeon convention ”¦ There are thousands of possible explanations.

This horse-headed man

Google maps images

Another of the most popular images on Google Maps is this man with a horse mask. He was captured in Scotland, and the truth is that there are also thousands of possible explanations.

Woman on the floor

Woman on the floor

This image is very similar to the first one. But this time it is a woman who stumbles. Maybe by looking at the Google car.

Out with the family

A mother of a family rides three children on an urban motorcycle. pic.twitter.com/cGpCD2pC6z

- Seen On Google Maps (@VistoEnMaps) August 27, 2017

There are four people who ride that motorcycle.

This man in a little red car. The funny thing is inside the car

Looking for oil pic.twitter.com/VAwyvH2cLK

- Seen On Google Maps (@VistoEnMaps) September 6, 2015

The truth is that the red car is very funny, but you have to look inside. The image was taken in Brazil, and it is a man pulling something out of his nose.

A two-legged cat


- Seen On Google Maps (@VistoEnMaps) May 25, 2015

There is nothing more beautiful than a cat, especially a white one. This is a special cat, it is a small kitten, with two legs. The truth is that we cannot understand this image, it has two legs, the other two may be cut off by the conversion of images in Google Maps. But we don't understand the queue.

Another child on the floor

THE DESTINY IS SO pic.twitter.com/g9Hg5Zj43u

- Seen On Google Maps (@VistoEnMaps) April 23, 2015

The first image is repeated. On this occasion, it is a girl who falls off the scooter. First, she looks back, and when she loses her eyes on the road she flips over with her two-wheeler.

This duplicate gentleman

Duplicate man

The image has its logic. Google, with his car, takes a series of tours and captures images with a 360-degree camera. Afterwards, they mix together the images that have been taken to take a tour. In this way, the man appears twice because he has captured him when he was behind and where he is now. But seeing the previous images, the truth is that this man teleported would not be strange.

ET On Google Maps

ET pic.twitter.com/TaQ9ivKVXD

- Seen On Google Maps (@VistoEnMaps) May 25, 2015

Who was going to say that Google Maps would capture ET? The truth is that it is not ET, it is a person (seems to be a child) disguised as an extraterrestrial. The truth is that it is a normal image, it seems that it is a kind of doll on a birthday, and that it has had enough of eating cake. Well, looking at it like that ”… the truth is that it is a bit strange.


Reno Google Maps

A reindeer wanted to appear on Google Maps, the only way he found to gain prominence seems to be to run in front of the car.

Man in the sewer

Google maps

This image has nothing strange like almost all the previous ones, they are two men working in a sewer. It seems these two men did not go to security class.