10 Useful Features in Safari for iPhone and iPad You May Not Know About

10 Useful Features of Safari for iPhone and iPad You May Not Know About

Safari is the quintessential browser for Apple operating systems. The application for iPhone and iPad comes standard on devices and is used daily by hundreds of people. With updates to iOS Safari is improving little by little. To the point that today it offers a large number of functionalities, which are very useful to all consumers on the block. Either for leisure or work simply and quickly. If you want to know some of the most practical, pay attention. We reveal 10 functions of Safari for iPhone or iPad that you may not know.

1. Read an article offline and add it to the reading list

Do you frequent places that don't have a lot of coverage? If you travel a lot or go to the mountains, you may sometimes find yourself in places where the coverage is not good at all. If you also want to take advantage of those moments to read articles or pending news, things get complicated. You don't have to resign yourself. Safari has an option that will allow us to read an article offline. For this we have to previously save it in the reading list. How to do it?

Safari iOS reading

Select the button that is located at the bottom of the browser on the iPhone (right in the middle). On iPad you can find it in the upper right. It is shown as a box with an arrow running through it. A menu with a set of options will then be displayed. Choose the symbol of the glasses to see. When you press it, it will give access to the URL you want to save to that reading list. Then, it will only be necessary that you enter the Safari bookmarks menu (which appears with an open book symbol). Enter the section with the glasses symbol.

2. Customize the share menu

Did you know that you can send URLs directly to applications in Safari? This is very useful if you want to send a friend or relative an interesting article that you want to publicize. You can send that URL to applications like WhatsApp, Twitter, Evernote or Messenger.


You just have to access the share menu. Scroll all the way to the right, where all the apps are shown, until the plus symbol appears. Customize the options from there.

3. Limit access to Internet pages

If your child tends to take your iPhone or iPad a lot, you may want to limit access to certain places. In Safari it is possible to do so. In fact, it is one of the most useful features to protect our minors. Go to Settings, General, Restrictions and activate them . You will need to enter a four-digit code. Then go down a little further down that same menu. You will find a section to restrict the content of the websites. Either for all websites. You can also limit the adult content, or only certain pages.


The most appropriate option for your child to be protected when browsing Safari from an iPad or iPhone is to only allow certain websites. In this way, you can gradually add the websites that you only trust so that the “dangerous” ones are not available to the smallest of the house.

4. View recently closed tabs

This function is really useful if you have accidentally closed any of the tabs that you were seeing and want to recover. Press and hold the plus symbol in the browser until a menu is displayed with all the tabs you have recently closed . This symbol can be found very easily on iPad, as it is shown in the upper right. In iPhone it is somewhat more hidden with iOS 11. You will have to enter the symbol of the two squares (it is located in the lower right part). When you enter you will see the farthest symbol at the bottom (in the middle). Hold it down.

5. Remove distractions

It is possible that when you are on a website you want to focus exclusively on the text. Most of them are full of advertising and this is sometimes very distracting when we are reading. Especially the one that blinks or is in motion. On your iPad you can do this by clicking on the icon (in the shape of a small text) that is right next to the address bar. Here we show you the difference.

Remove distractions

6. Activate autofill

How tiresome it is to have to continually enter the same passwords to access services or forums. A really practical function is that of the autofill, which will memorize the credentials to facilitate access. In Safari you just have to enter Settings, Safari, Passwords and auto-fill . Don't worry, because you can configure the storage. Both credit cards and passwords.

7. iCloud Keychain

Another option that will allow you to autofill the payment or access information on your favorite websites is through the iCloud keychain. This method will also allow it to be much easier and faster to enter our keys when we need it. You can activate this option from Settings, accounts, iCloud. Then activate iCloud Keychain. You'll see that it asks you to enter a four-digit code, just like before. These digits will allow you to do the same later on other Apple devices.

iOS keychain

8. Rearrange tabs

If you like the order, Safari will allow you to have your tabs well placed. Both on your iPhone and your iPad. You just have to enter them through the button Tabs. On iPhone you can find it at the bottom right. On iPad in the upper right. Then, press and hold the tab you want and then move it where you want.

9. Create reminders

Safari will give you the possibility that you are aware of a specific article the day you want. The browser reminds you of a URL that you have previously added to the Reminders section. You can find it in the symbol of the square crossed by an arrow (at the bottom of the browser). You can choose the day, the hour, or even that reminders are repeated.

IOS Reminders

10. Private browsing

Finally, another of the most useful features of Safari is the private browsing mode. It will allow you to visit web pages, so that afterwards no trace remains in the history. Neither does the autofill information when closing an open tab.

iOS private browsing

You can enter this section from the symbol of the squares that appears on iPhone in the lower right part. On iPad you will find it in the upper right. When you press it you will find Private Navigation just to the left. Press to start using it.