How to send an email to a group of users in Gmail

How to send an email to a group of users in Gmail

Gmail is the most widely used email service in the world. For something, its owner and lord is the giant Google. Every day, millions of emails travel from one computer to another and their content is as diverse as there are different people in the world. They can be promotional, personal or with purely work issues. Be that as it may, sometimes we have to send the same email to a large group of contacts, and it is a pain to do it by hand, writing the names of the contacts one by one.

That is why we are going to teach you to create a label in Gmail and associate any number of users with it. When we want to send an email to this group of people, we will only have to put, in the place of the recipient, the name of the label that we have chosen. For this example we are going to use the tag 'your expert' and we are going to include seven colleagues from the group. You just have to follow the instructions and create your own label and group. It is very simple.

How to create a label in Gmail

First, we are going to create a label in Gmail. We will choose an appropriate name for the group, be it the name of the company, your family last name, the name of your gang, etc. To do this, we go to the main Gmail screen and put the mouse on the side menu, under 'write'. It will be displayed automatically and we will have to look for the 'More' section. We deploy it and choose 'Create new label'. On the screen that is offered to you below, we can nest the label in another, but we advise you to leave it as the main one so that later, when it is included in the recipient bar, the system will recognize it.

create gmail labels

In this section you can also edit an already created tag , in case you want to modify its name or add it, later, to a category created previously. In the screenshot you can see in detail these operations to create and modify a label in Gmail.

modify gmail labels

How to associate contacts with Gmail labels

Once the label is created in Gmail, we go to the Google contacts page. To appear, the contacts must always be saved in our Gmail account , not in the SIM or in the phone memory. Once inside, we will go to the contact we want to assign the label to. In the upper bar we insert your name and different suggestions will appear at the bottom. Choose the one that is correct.

google contacts tags

In the three-dot menu, next to the contact's name, the labels you have in Gmail should be displayed : the old ones and the new one that you just created now. You just have to mark the label to which this contact will be assigned, and that's it. Now, get off the screen: it is not necessary to press save or perform any other procedure.

When you have assigned all the users to the desired tag, now we only have to send an email to the entire group.

How to send an email to a group with the same label

On the Gmail page, we open a new email. In the recipient bar, we begin to write the label. If we have done everything correctly, a suggestion will begin to be displayed that will correspond to our label . We click on the suggestion and all the contacts will be added automatically. Now, we just have to write the message and the corresponding email will be sent to each one. That is how easy it is to send the same email to many users under the same label.

send gmail labels