5 ways to take advantage of a temporary virtual phone number

5 ways to take advantage of a temporary virtual phone number

A virtual phone number is one that does not have an associated phone line. This is also known as an access number. In general, these special telephone numbers are used to redirect calls made to other numbers that do have an associated line, be it a mobile, VoIP or fixed line.

In this special we are going to focus on what uses can be given to this type of telephone number , both for business and for a more mundane and domestic use. Who knows, you may need a virtual phone number and you don't even know it yet. We started!

Use of virtual phone number in WhatsApp (1)

To use WhatsApp we need a phone number. And this phone number, unlike other similar services like Telegram, is visible to everyone. An example: if someone has the great idea to make a group with members who don't know each other, all the members of the group will know everyone's phone numbers. And that may not be a good idea. We can even get a virtual phone number to just write to our interlocutor, and that he cannot call us by phone, since it would be impossible.

Use of virtual phone number in WhatsApp (2)

Do you want to have two different WhatsApp accounts on the same phone number? Hire a virtual phone number. You can, even later, change the account to the company mode to have them well differentiated, so you can differentiate, for example, your personal life from your work life.

Migrants to lower the cost of the call


Imagine that you are a person who must leave your country to settle in a different place. Your relatives must make an international call when they want to contact you, so a good way to get a local call is by making a virtual number that belongs to the host country . Thus, your relatives will be calling you to your country of residence but to a number from their country. Then, the call would be derived arriving to you in a normal way.

To have two phone numbers without a great cost

It is true that it has never been easier than now to have two different telephone lines through a telephone operator but, sometimes, we do not want to have to call any of them to carry out the procedure, especially if we are already clients and only have A line. That is why an effective solution to have another number is to hire a virtual one. Thus, you could give your clients that other phone number and refer it to your personal one.

To buy online or subscribe to a product

online shop

If you are jealous of your privacy, sometimes you have been compromised to give your personal phone number to numerous services that ask for it. If you want to continue with the transaction but avoid giving your private number, hire a virtual one and don't worry.

How to hire a virtual phone number

Getting a virtual phone number is very simple and actually inexpensive . There are even services that offer you a trial period so you can see if it is what you are looking for. Some services that you can consult are Zadarma or the Hushed application available for Android.