5 tricks to make your snake bigger in Slither.io


It is very similar to the classic snake game that we have all played. It's simple, it has no complications and maybe that's why it hooks. Have you also fallen into the networks of Slither.io ? This is one of the most popular online games of the moment and although it is quite basic, there are some tricks that can help you be a true ace in Slither and beat your sibylline rivals with much more packaging. Here are 5 strategies to get your snake bigger . Do you dare to meet them?


1. Get up close to the biggest snakes

When we talk about survival, it is always better to go unnoticed  and in that case it is always better to wander around the corners, where there are not so many snakes. But if you want to increase in size quickly, you will have to work up the courage to get close to the bigger snakes. They have many snakes around trying to destroy them, so it is likely that you have many more points of light within your reach.

2. Catch the points of light that move

They are harder to come by, but they are also the ones that help you grow faster. I speak of the points of light that are in motion and that give many more points (and food) than the static ones. Of course, to get hold of them you will have to manage to be faster. Otherwise you will never get it.

3. Set a trap for your rivals

When you are old enough, but want to continue to maintain your status, you can curl up in a circle. Take the opportunity to do so when you have many small snakes nearby . By surrounding them with your powerful body they will be trapped and they will have no choice but to let themselves die colliding with you. You can do the same with the points of light that another snake has left, but in that case you will have to be the fastest in the west: we have already recommended avoiding the crowds.

Slither.io4. Run and run

Another trick to make your snake bigger and bigger is to be faster, to cover the maximum number of points of light and prevent the rest of the snakes from destroying your race . This will also give you the opportunity to hunt down moving points of light, which we have already told you give more points. You can double tap on the screen and then hold down . It is the way to accelerate, although in return you will lose some length. It is about compensating to achieve good results.

5. Don't be generous at all

If you are a natural competitor and want your snake to grow bigger faster , you will have to be smart and put generosity aside. In this war anything goes. We recommend that you watch out for snakes that are dying to get the rewards. When you see one, fast forward to surround and protect the loot . It is a way to ensure a good number of points of light without anyone being able to do anything to us. In fact, if they collide with you they will die.

Did you already know these tricks? They are simple, but effective. Tell us what you do to make your snake grow faster. You have space in the comments.