What is Amazon Business and what advantages does it offer

What is Amazon Business and what advantages does it offer

You may have received an offer from Amazon in the last few days to sign up for Amazon Business. It is a new option aimed at companies and freelancers, who need to download invoices and want to keep an exhaustive control of the purchases they make through the platform.

Registration to Amazon Business is completely free and in addition, it offers the possibility of directly adapting the Prime account, if the user is registered to it as an individual. Best of all, this way you will solve the problem of always asking for invoices, because from Amazon Business you can download them whenever you want with VAT and even get products with the VAT price excluded.

If you want to know what Amazon Business is and how it works in depth, keep reading below.

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What is Amazon Business

It's the Amazon for business . To access this mode you will have to register separately, entering your company data, but in reality, you will be creating an account linked to your particular user. Registration is completely free and as advantages, we must detail the following:

  • Access to a selection of millions of products for the company : the purchases you have to make, now you can carry them out from Amazon.
  • Automatic invoicing with VAT : you will not have to worry about choosing whether or not you want to invoice, because the system will generate it instantly with VAT included.
  • Better prices : Amazon promises to offer more attractive prices for certain products, so it may be much more profitable for some things to buy through Amazon Business.
  • Payment conditions : you can pay the amount of your orders using the usual payment methods, but you can also share them with your entire business team. It is a good way to streamline these procedures.
  • Expense control : Amazon Business also offers you the possibility of accessing a panel so that you can control all your purchases easily and therefore, keep your expenses fully up to date.
  • Purchase processes : they can be integrated directly into your Oracle, Coupa or Ariba systems.

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How to create an Amazon Business account

If you have convinced yourself that it is best to create an Amazon Business account , let's get down to business. Follow these steps to know how to do it in the best possible way.

1. First, go to this address //www.amazon.es/business/register/org/landing to start the registration process. Here the system will ask you to enter an email address, in response to the question: What email do you want to use for Amazon Business? When you have it written, click the Send button.

2. If you already have an account registered, Amazon will give you the instructions to convert the personal account into a Business account. So next, you will need to log in with your email address and access password .

3. Now Amazon will ask you to enter a new email password, which is the one that will be directly associated with your Amazon Business account .

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4. Now you can enter your company data. Here you must include your username, company email and password. If you are only going to use this account, you can include the same one that you use to access Amazon, but if other people are going to access, it will be better that you choose a unique and different password for everyone . When you finish with this form, click the Next button.

From there, you should be able to seamlessly access your business or company account to make your purchases and orders. From here you can make purchases normally and instantly access the options panel to download invoices with VAT, without VAT and obtain all the information related to your expenses and orders.


Answers to some questions about Amazon Business

Before signing up for Amazon Business, we have asked ourselves some questions that you may also have. So here are the answers.

If I am registered with Amazon Prime, what will happen?

If you have paid your 20 euros of the Amazon Prime fee to be able to enjoy free and faster shipping (among many other options), you should know that even if you go to Amazon Business, nothing will happen . That is, you can continue to enjoy the same, but within this new business account. In this way, you will continue to have priority and free shipping on millions of products.

Is it essential to add a tax number?

We refer to the CIF or the NIF. The answer is no. In principle you will not have any problem registering without this information, but you must bear in mind that the tax number is essential for your invoices. If you do not include it next to your address, tax or company name, the document will not be valid .

Can multiple people use this account?

In principle yes. Of course, you must make sure that it is an account to place orders for the company, which will then be combined with your personal orders. Either way, you can add an administrator - which can be you - and then add as many additional administrators or users as you want. The idea is that, if you need to expedite purchases, anyone you trust can place orders .

And isn't it better to use a separate account?

If you are self-employed and you are going to place orders for your business or activity, the most normal thing is that you use the same account that you use for your personal orders. In that sense you shouldn't have any problem. The case is different for those who, despite having a personal Amazon account, wish to manage another company account. If you don't want the rest of your team members to see your order history or simply mix the personal with the professional, you'd better sign up with a new company email. 

Can I stop using Amazon Business at any time?

The answer is yes. The best thing to do, in this case, is to return to your original personal account. And for this you will have to modify the access address. Just go to the section My account> Login and security. From here you can modify your name, your email address and access password.