How to quickly log into Facebook when you have multiple accounts

How to quickly log into Facebook when you have multiple accounts

If you have come this far it is because you have the urgent need to control two Facebook accounts from the same device. Either because you have a personal and a professional account, or because you like to gossip with a second account to some contacts. We are not going to judge you. We are actually going to help you with a tutorial so you can see how to log into Facebook with both accounts . In this way you will be able to jump between one and the other in a comfortable way, without having to enter all the Facebook login details with the other account every time you want to review it. Follow these steps closely.

The first thing, of course, is to have two active Facebook accounts. You can get them by registering different profiles with different email accounts . The best and safest thing is that both have different passwords, so there will be no dangers if one of them is discovered. Of course, having different passwords also means remembering them. To fix it, Facebook can remember both accounts and easily jump between them. Of course, first you have to enter them and log in with each one.

log in to facebook

Step by step on the computer

First, you have to log in regularly. You can do it directly on the computer. All you have to do is enter your email or even the phone number if you have given this information when creating your account. Then you need the password, of course. Press the enter button to access your wall as normal.


If you want even more convenience and you are using the Internet browser Google Chrome, a pop-up window will tell you that you want to remember these keys . If you press the Yes button, every time you use a computer or mobile with your Google account you will not have to fill in the data one by one to log in. Google autocomplete will have saved your Facebook data and will write it for you so that you just press the Enter button.

log out of your Facebook account

The next step is to log out of this first account . To do this, look at the top bar for the inverted triangle on the right. This button displays a menu where the Exit option appears. Click on it to close your account.

login to second account

This returns you to the previous screen, where you just logged in. Of course, now a second option appears called Add account. By clicking on the + symbol to add account, a new pop-up window appears where you can enter new credentials. That is, the email account or phone number and password of the second Facebook account. Once entered, press Enter to access your wall.

exit secondary account

And that's it. From this moment on, Facebook remembers the last accounts entered on that computer and that browser. So you can exit one from the inverted triangle and click directly on the profile photo of the other account on the home screen to access. Remembering your session data does not require you to enter it again. Just click on the Enter button after having selected one or the other account.

switch account

How to change your Faceboook account quickly from your mobile

The process is similar to what is seen on the computer. And the result is the same or more comfortable, since it allows us to jump between accounts in an instant without having to remember the credentials or have to enter them.

change account on mobile

First of all, we log in with one of the accounts from the mobile on a regular basis. As with the computer, we must identify ourselves with a phone number or an email account. We also have to provide the password and enter the wall.

exit main account

At this time, it is time to jump to the profile options. They are found in the rightmost tab of the Facebook interface, in the three horizontal stripes just below the pending messages icon. Here the general menu of the application is displayed, where we find the option to exit right at the end of everything. We press and leave the first countdown.

exit the second account

In this way we return to the Facebook home screen, where the account credentials are entered. Here's an option called Sign in to another account . So we can include the email address or phone number and password of the second account. By clicking on the Enter button we access this second wall on a regular basis.

two accounts on mobile

From this moment Facebook from the mobile remembers both accounts. So we just have to exit one from the tab on the right and press, on the Facebook home screen, any of the accounts to log into it. It is a gesture that takes a few keystrokes, but is always faster and more comfortable than having to enter credentials each time.

Stop remembering an account

Of course there are options to forget about one of the accounts . Something very useful to not leave Facebook login references with any of them, if necessary. It occurs both in the web version and in the Facebook application for mobile phones.

On your computer you just have to go to the Facebook home screen, from where you choose one or the other user account. Here we look at the profile pictures of the accounts. Specifically in the upper left corner of them. It is where the X symbol appears to permanently close or stop remembering said account. When you press it, Facebook will forget that account, and you will not be able to access it unless you manually enter the credentials.

stop remembering an account

Something similar happens on mobile. From the home screen, once you have clicked on the option Exit from any of the accounts, you can see options next to each registered profile. You just have to click on the three points to display different options. So you can end the Push notifications of any of the accounts if you do not want to be disturbed or bothered. Or forget the password so that no one else can access this account without entering it. But, if what you really want is to delete the entire login, you must click on Remove account from the device . This way Facebook will stop showing it on the home screen, as if it had never been there.