How to request or renew your passport online

How to request or renew your passport online

The passport is a necessary document when we intend to travel to countries outside the European Union. In this article we explain how you can request the issuance or renewal of your passport over the Internet, so you can do it in a much faster way, since you will only have to go to an accredited office, so that they verify your identity and collect the passport ready to use.

Documentation necessary to request the passport

To process or renew the passport you only need a recent photograph and the valid ID . The photograph must be printed on photographic paper with a white background, and must have dimensions of 32 x 36 mm.

This means that you cannot use a photo taken with your mobile at home. The photos that we use for the renewal of the DNI or the driving license perfectly meet these conditions.

In the event that you have renewed your ID in the last two years, it will not be necessary to present a photograph to process the issuance or renewal of your passport.

How to request the issuance or renewal of your passport

The duration of the passport is 2 years if its holder is less than 5 years old; 5 years if the person is under 30 years old; and finally it goes up to 10 years if the holder is older than 30 years. The issuance or renewal of the passport has an approximate price of € 26 , although it will be totally free if it is a large family.

Unfortunately, we cannot do all the passport issuance or renewal procedures over the Internet, but we can do many of them this way to greatly expedite the process. So you will only have to go to an authorized office to prove your identity and collect your passport .

The first step you need to take if you want to request the issuance or renewal of your passport, is to make an appointment through the website Appointment eDNI - Passport. On this website you can locate your closest processing office, as well as consult all the documentation you will need to bring, although we have already explained this to you before.

Once you have located the processing office closest to your location, you will have to make an appointment in advance on the day and time you want, as long as it is available of course.

When you are ready, click on the " Start the application " button that appears at the bottom of the interface to start the process.

apply for or renew your passport online 1

With this, a new window will appear, in which you will have to identify yourself using your ID . You will have to use the document number, the letter and the validity date. You will also need to enter the issuing team, it is a number that appears on the back of the DNI, on the right side of the document. We leave you an image to help you find this information in your document.

apply for or renew your passport online 3


You can also choose to identify yourself with the electronic DNI.

Once you have finished filling in all the data you have to click on " Send data ". If you are missing any of the data for any reason, click on "If the data is not available due to loss and theft".

Next, you will have to select the type of procedure you want to carry out, in this case it is the passport. From this web portal you can also request the renewal of the DNI, and even make an appointment for a first issue of this document for your children.

apply for or renew your passport online 4

Once you have chosen the passport as the procedure, the application will ask you to choose your province to show you all the dispatch offices that are available. Once you have selected one, you will be able to see the entire list of days and times that are available.

apply for or renew your passport online 5request or renew your passport online 6

The availability of appointments on this platform is shown in real time, so it is better that you decide as soon as possible if you do not want to run out of options. It is also important to note that you only have 10 minutes from when you select an option until you confirm it, so it is best to hurry if you find a time that suits you.

apply for or renew your passport online 7

When confirming an appointment to request the issuance or renewal of the passport, the application will indicate the name of the office, the date, and all the information you need to attend your appointment. Finally, they will ask you to enter your phone number in case they need to contact you for any reason, as well as an email to send you a copy of the appointment confirmation.

apply for or renew your passport online 8

Click " Confirm " and you will have completed the process. A button will appear that you can use to print the receipt of the appointment, or save it as a PDF document.

Currently you can make the payment of the fee over the Internet, although you will need to have a digital certificate to be able to do so. To do this, you just have to click on the "Make the payment" button.

How to cancel your appointment to renew your passport

Prior Appointment eDNI - Passport allows us to cancel the appointments we have booked, to process the issuance or renewal of the passport until the day before , also without the need to present any justification.

It is very important that you cancel your appointment if you are not going to be able to attend, since in this way the date and time you selected will be available again in the application's database, so that another user can select them if they wish in the time to book your appointment.

You can cancel your appointment in a simple way as accessing the web portal Appointment eDNI - Passport. Once inside, you just need to click on the same button " Start request " that we used previously. After that, you will see that a new menu appears in which you can consult all the appointments that you currently have reserved, as well as cancel them in a very simple way.

This is all you need to know to request the issuance of a renewal of your passport through the Internet, we hope it will be very useful, and help you save time in your procedures. Remember that you can share this article on social networks, so that it can help more users who need it.