UPS Customer Service - Support Phone Number and Email

ups customer service contact

UPS, like any transport agency worth its salt, has different contact channels. Despite the fact that the company's headquarters are in the United States, the company has support in Spanish . This support is supplied through various channels. By phone, by email, by chat, through social networks… We have compiled all the UPS customer service channels to contact the company electronically.

UPS contact phone

The customer service telephone line has always been the most direct way to get in touch with a company. In the case of UPS, the company has different support numbers depending on the type of inquiry.

As of today, UPS technical support is provided through the number 917 45 98 77 . If we want to contact the company for reasons unrelated to the shipping service, we can call 91 745 64 00. For inquiries related to billing and payments we can call 91 745 64 00. All of these have a national prefix, for so the cost of the call does not differ from the cost of any other number with a Spanish prefix.

UPS support email

Another means of contact that the company makes available to users is based on sending an email to customer service through a form on its website. We can access the form in question through the following link:

  • Access the form

Within the form we will have to specify the type of query, as well as the details of the query we want to make. We will also have to provide an email address to get a response in this way.

UPS Customer Service Chat

ups customer contact

Today UPS does not offer personalized assistance through chat, but uses an automated response system with which we can interact through simple inquiries . It is not a chat to use although the company shows it as such.

  • Access the chat

UPS physical offices

If we opt for the face-to-face route, UPS has an official headquarters in Spain, beyond the local offices where the deliveries of each city or territory are managed. The headquarters in question is at the following address:

Via de los Poblados, 1

Alvento Business Park, CD 2 Building

28033, Madrid


From we recommend going directly to the local UPS transportation agencies to solve any problem with the company.

UPS social media

Social media is the last way we can turn. As usual, customer service tends to focus on Facebook and Twitter, and more specifically, through the following channels:

  • Twitter : @UPS_ES and   @UPSAyuda_ES.
  • Facebook : Facebook page.

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