How to download all your photos from Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp

How to download all your photos from Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp

In the middle of this week we witnessed serious errors in WhatsApp that prevented downloading image files, videos and voice messages. The download of multimedia content had been tremendously affected in different parts of the world.

An error that not only affected WhatsApp, but also spread to other platforms owned by Mark Zuckerberg . That's right, bugs were also detected on Facebook and Instagram. Despite the fact that the error has already been corrected, this latest episode adds to the recent falls suffered, especially by WhatsApp so far this year.

Faced with this type of incident without prior notice, more than once it will have crossed your mind to download any of the photographs you see on your Facebook wall, on Instagram or even those that have passed to you on WhatsApp on your hard drive. For those who are wondering, each of these services allows you to save photos without much effort and that is why we are going to show you how.

Preliminary considerations

Before continuing, it is recommended that you have a laptop or desktop computer to perform this task. Although, in some cases that we will explain it is also possible through your mobile devices, we believe that it is better the first way. Either for convenience or for the options to store the contents that they offer.

Another aspect to take into account, before starting, is that there will be certain cases, specifically on Facebook and Instagram , in which we will find profiles that do not have the option available to download photos. If you come across such a situation, you can always resort to the option to save the post directly. However, in general you shouldn't have a problem saving a photo on your computer.

Without further ado, we go with the instructions.



The first of all will be to access your Facebook profile. Once inside, click on the "Photos" menu and access your albums. Select the one you want to download and then click on the gear-shaped button. You will see that one of the options displayed is "Download album" . We just have to click on "Continue" and you are ready to start the download.

After waiting a few seconds, or minutes depending on the number of images, you will receive a  notification from Facebook indicating that the file is ready for download. You will only have to click on said notification to start the download.

Once the process is finished, you will receive the photos on your computer in a ZIP file . As you can see, this process does not contain any complications. You will no longer have to think about it when taking the initiative to keep all your images forever with you.



We enter a delicate terrain. As many of you know, Instagram does not allow you to download images. Forget trying to right click on a photo, as you will not see the option to "Save As" . But don't worry, in this section we are going to detail how to skip this block by means of a simple parameter in the page's URL. You will see that with a simple editing in it you can download any photo in high quality from any browser with which you work.

The first thing we will have to do is enter normally on Instagram from our laptop or desktop. We insist on not using mobile phones because this trick is completely useless when accessing from the application.

Once inside, we explore the social network in search of the photo we want to download. Once located, click on the photo, or open the link in a new tab with the right mouse button. Next, look closely at the address bar .

Whether we have opened the image in one way or another, we should get the following URL for the selected photo  " // " . If so, all you have to do is add the command  "/ media /? Size = l"  to the address at the very end.

Through this little trick you can access the image directly. Not only that, but also, if you right-click on it, you will see that the option "Save image as ..." appears . Now you can download the photos you want from Instagram with full quality.



Let's go with everyone's favorite instant messaging application. For those who do not know, WhatsApp has a complete web tool that, in addition to chatting in the same way that we do from the mobile, has a function that allows us to download all the photos we want . Something ideal when we want to make a backup of all those images of the groups, or simply leave some space in the memory of our mobile. Let's see how it is done.

As we have already anticipated, we will use the native function of WhatsApp Web , which thanks to its interface allows us to download all the photos we want with a single click. To do this, the first thing to do is access the group from which we want to download the images. Click with the right mouse button, or on the three vertical points in the upper right corner. In the drop-down select “Info. of the group ”and another window will open in which we can access all the information of the group in which we are.

Finally, click on "Multimedia, links and documents ", as indicated in the image above, to see all the images that we have sent or received within this group. We will have to press one by one on each image that we want to download, and. finally, select the icon at the top right of the whole. The typical one with the down arrow is unmistakable.

As you may have seen, these three services make  downloading all of our photos very simple and fast . Thus, we can save all the photos without giving too much thought. Of course, in addition to storing the images on our computer, we recommend always making a  backup copy of what might happen. You never know.