Lenovo Nerve Center, the ultimate gaming tool for Lenovo Legion

Lenovo Nerve Center, the ultimate gaming tool for Lenovo Legion

Do you have a Lenovo Legion gaming laptop? Then you have Lenovo Nerve Center . And, if not, you should. And it is that it is the management program that Lenovo includes in its laptops, whether they are gaming or not, to manage different aspects of it. Elements that range from the backlit color of the keyboard to vital issues such as the priority of the network when playing games. In short, issues that help the games, performance and user experience to be the best at all times.

It is a program available through the Microsoft Store for free. Just search Lenovo Nerve Center to find it. It is available at no cost and can also be used on desktops and any non-Lenovo PC. However, it is in the Legion range where Lenovo Nerve Center takes all the meaning of its being. And, at the end of the day, it is a tool designed for experts and gamers to get the most out of their machines. How? Very simple, as follows.

lenovo nerve center

Just download the program and install it. It is possible that, once Lenovo Nerve Center has been downloaded from the Microsoft Store, you may need to perform a second download with the program's hard core. If you have a good WiFi connection, it will take just a few seconds to complete the installation and start messing up the features of your computer to get the best performance.

Once inside Lenove Neve Center you will find general information on your computer. A useful summary to know details about the processor and the graphic power that drives your machine. Or the memory and capacity you have to move applications, games and save content on it.

Lenovo Legion

If we have a Lenovo Legion computer, we can also see several sections at the bottom to customize different interesting questions. For example, we have the Turbo Boost box with which to take advantage of all the device's resources, taking them to the limit of what is possible to achieve extra performance at specific moments. For its part, if our keyboard is backlit, the Light Shift section allows us to plan the pattern of colors and lighting that we want to see and enjoy in detail. In addition, there are other sections such as Network priority, with which to focus the bandwidth on games and performance, preventing other computer processes from consuming this resource and suffering from lag or pin when playing online. Or even the possibility of boosting the fans that expel the internal heat generated by components such as the graphics card, thus offering better performance after several hours of play. You can even manage the sound options to equalize everything and achieve the desired quality.

Apart from all this, the Lenovo Nerve Center program has a section called Discover. Here we can find elements such as the games installed on the device. Something that is closely related to the performance of the equipment, since it offers us the possibility of configuring a default performance and execution mode for each of them.


As if that were not enough, it is also possible to manage the recordings of games or gameplays. From the cogwheel of the Discover menu you can indicate where to store the recorded videos within a directory on your computer. You can even specify things like the recording of the sound using the computer microphone, the frame rate per second of the recording, and of course the key command that starts the recording.

Ultimately, Lenovo Nerve Center is the ultimate program for gamers who have a Lenovo Legion laptop that they want to get the most out of. Although, luckily, Lenovo offers this program for other computers of different brands completely free of charge. Of course, only in the Lenovo Legion you can take advantage of features such as turbo, extra cooling or customization of the keyboard lights.