Why can't I see the last connection on WhatsApp


Hey, why are you wearing this face? Something bad happened to you, right? Ah ok, you can't see the last connection on WhatsApp of your boyfriend, your worst friend or your worst friend's cousin. It is understood. If you can't sleep tonight thinking about the reason for this first world problem, maybe you should take a look at the reasons why you are probably not seeing the time of someone's last connection on WhatsApp . The following may happen.

1. That contact has blocked you. 

Face it, he doesn't want you to be on his WhatsApp carousel . He does not want to contact you, nor for you to contact him. He also doesn't want you to see his photo (that's a critical clue). If that contact for whom you cannot see the time of his last connection, does not have a photo either (when he did have one before), it is most likely that he has hit the block button . In that case there will be nothing more to do, because you will not be able to contact him through this medium. Another thing is that you call him to ask for an explanation , but considering that he has blocked you from his WhatsApp , perhaps the best thing would be to leave it as impossible.

2. You have configured not to show this information.

For some time now, WhatsApp has offered users the ability to configure whether or not they want the last connection time to be shown. This option is operative from the Settings section > Account> Privacy . Within this section, the WhatsApp user will be able to configure who can see the time of their last time, selecting if everyone can see it, only their contacts or just nobody . If this person has removed you from their contacts, you will not be able to see their number; while if you have the most restrictive option configured, neither.

If you don't see the photo or the user profile, here are a couple more clues that you've been blocked. From the WhatsApp settings section you can also configure if you want your profile image to be shown to everyone, to your contacts or to anyone. Same with the state.


3. There is some kind of connection problem.

It is the most common and if so, should be resolved Cape few hours or days . We have verified that, on some occasions, the time of the last connection is not displayed because there is some kind of connectivity problem linked to the application itself.

And now that? Once the mystery is solved, you can also take revenge by blocking all those contacts that you do not care about seeing your profile photos, status or the last connection time. As we have already indicated, you can configure all these options by accessing the three vertical points that you will find in the upper right part and selecting Settings . Inside Account and Privacy You can configure all of these options and manage blocked contacts within the area of Messaging . If you also don't want to send read notifications (you know, the double blue tick, you can disable this option, but keep in mind that you won't see other people's read receipts either).