▷ Is Fintonic reliable? 4 reasons why yes and 3 reasons why not

Is Fintonic reliable?  4 reasons why yes and 3 reasons why not 1

For some time now, the Fintonic application has flooded a multitude of entertainment channels through promotion through youtubers , instagramers and influencers in general. Roughly speaking, the application is about an online financial manager that controls our expenses, as well as their origin, to have control over our savings. The problem is that, like any other financial application, it requires the use of our bank account to function correctly. Is Fintonic reliable? What opinions do your users have about the safety of Fintonic? We see it below.

Reasons why Fintonic is reliable

It is not for nothing that Fintonic is proclaimed today as the most downloaded financial application on Google Play. With more than a million downloads behind it, Fintonic has a score of 4.4 out of 5 .

The data is supported by the European PS2D Directive

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If there are doubts about the security of the application when it comes to banking information, Fintonic has a security level based on 256-bit data encryption , the same level as the most popular banks in Europe and the United States.

On the application website we can also read that it complies with all the safety requirements required by the European Directive PSD2.

Does not sell personal information to third parties

Or at least that is how they ensure it from the application's website. According to the information provided by those responsible, the personal data of the users are protected under the General Data Protection Regulation (RGPD) in force in Europe, in such a way that its sale is totally prohibited to third parties .

In case of canceling the account in Fintonic, from the application they affirm that all banking and personal information is permanently deleted .

Backed by Google, PSN, ING Direct and Atresmedia

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Fintonic is not just any financial application. It currently holds the Google award for the best finance application . The rest of the companies that support the application correspond to the Atresmedia group, the ING Direct bank and the PSN group.

It has chat and multiple forms of contact in Spanish

If we have a problem with the operation of the application, Fintonic has a chat whose hours include Monday through Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

It also has a non-commercial landline number (911920330) and an email address ([email protected]).

Reasons why Fintonic is not reliable

Not all that glitters is gold, and even less so with an application whose only financing method is related to the offer of personalized financial products. Let's look at some of the reasons why Fintonic is not reliable.

It requires the password to access our bank account

Is Fintonic reliable?  4 reasons why yes and 3 reasons why not 2

Although for use as a financial manager it does not require any type of bank password, the application will require the password of our online banking (ImaginBank, BBVA ...) if our objective is to request a loan.

According to the report of several users, the information in question is requested via email , with all the danger that this entails in terms of security. The use of it, of course, is merely informative, so they will not be able to carry out any type of transaction on our behalf.

The information required can be overwhelming

Is Fintonic reliable?  4 reasons why yes and 3 reasons why not 3

If we want to connect our bank with the application, Fintonic will require data such as our bank account, our full name or the postal code of our town.

In case of requesting a credit, we will have to provide the National Identity Document (DNI) and the access codes to our bank account, as we have mentioned previously.

Request unnecessary permissions

As part of the financing of the application comes from the hand of the offer of personalized products, Fintonic requires permissions such as the location or the telephone. The rest of the permissions are related to the camera or storage.

So is Fintonic reliable?

From our point of view, yes. If we look at the information provided by the company, the data of all users is encrypted under 256-bit protocols .

To this are added aspects such as that companies such as Google, ING Direct and Atresmedia support its operation, as well as that the application does not sell data to third parties. Its operation should be analyzed when applying for a loan, although everything indicates that the procedure is similar to that of other lenders.


As the user Jesús Martínez clarifies in a comment, Fintonic requires the access passwords of our bank account at the time of registration. It always does it through the application itself, never from an email address.

It should also be added that the information related to the DNI is required only in the case that we request a credit. In any case, we again emphasize that it can be a somewhat overwhelming process for those who prioritize security and privacy.