Problems with WhatsApp Web when downloading PDF, Word and other documents

Problems with WhatsApp Web when downloading PDF, Word and other documents

If you are one of those who uses WhatsApp in the comfort of a computer, you may have noticed a couple of recent problems: you cannot download attachments. Or PDF documents, Word or text files and even photos and videos . Don't worry, it's not just your problem. WhatsApp is having such problems and glitches for many people.

Downloaded but not downloaded

Since last July 15 , different WhatsApp Web users have noticed that something is wrong through the messaging service. These are the attachments or documents that are shared directly by WhatsApp. While on the mobile it is possible to open them, consult them and share them without problem, in WhatsApp Web the task cannot be carried out.

WhatsApp Web download problem

When clicking, for example, on the download arrow of a PDF document, a message warns that the file has been downloaded. However, no computer explorer window appears to indicate the download destination. So, actually, and even if the "downloaded" message is triggered, nothing really happens . Something that is outraging many users.

Varied problems

Apparently not all users suffer from it. Or, at least, they don't do it the same way. In our tests we have confirmed that the documents are not downloaded in any case, both PDF and Word. However, when we talk about multimedia content, there are colleagues who can download images and other content .

Everything indicates that WhatsApp is finalizing the settings to be able to share any type of file on WhatsApp Web. Something that, from the mobile application, can already be carried out. Thus, and without any official notice at the moment, we dare to think that it is a faulty update of WhatsApp Web during these tests .

No official information

At the moment WhatsApp has not commented on the matter. A hermetic technique typical of the company, on the other hand. This is a bug that should be fixed quickly. However, it has been accompanying WhatsApp users for several days who have decided to use a full physical keyboard and a screen to write and read their messages.

In our tests we have also come across untranslated versions of WhatsApp Web. That is, with functions and menus in English. And they do not allow the download of content. An erratic and strange behavior that reminds us once again that WhatsApp does not stop innovating, testing and, incidentally, screwing up from time to time.

Therefore, it only remains to wait for WhatsApp to launch a new version of WhatsApp Web that solves these problems.