Yamaha R-S202, stereo music amplifier with Bluetooth

Yamaha R-S202, stereo music amplifier with Bluetooth

A radio amplifier capable of receiving music via Bluetooth, with 100 Watts of power, for only 230 euros . The Yamaha brand can evoke quality motorcycles, musical instruments, and music devices. This receiver is part of this last specialty, although Yamaha has us accustomed to home theater equipment with “stratospheric” features. They are usually very complex devices on the inside, capable of receiving signals from sources as diverse as a turntable to a BluRay reader. And with multiple internal power stages to send music to systems up to Dolby Atmos with more than ten speakers. In contrast, this Yamaha R-S202 is custom simplicity.

Two channels: pure stereo

A return to the origins, when a stereo consisted of an amplifier with a built-in radio and a pair of speakers. That's what the Yamaha R-S202 represents, although it has its modern touches. The first is that one of the sources that we can connect to is Bluetooth . Being able to send music from a mobile (or tablet) is a great advance. Although it may not be something so new, in a quality stereo like the one that this Yamaha can star in it will help to simplify things many times.

Interestingly, Bluetooth is the only digital input on this receiver. In its back it has four RCA analog inputs, one of them with an output in case we connect a recorder. And there are no more inputs: we miss an auxiliary front 3.5 mm stereo jack for a portable player. It does have that (Bluetooth apart) with a good quality FM / AM radio , with rear antenna sockets.

Yamaha RS202 rear

As for outputs, the Yamaha is well endowed. It has on the rear panel with two speaker outputs (it can with two pairs). We might, in this case, miss a dedicated output for an active subwoofer. On the front there is a headphone output in 6 mm stereo jack format . On that front panel we will also find the usual volume control, two buttons to select inputs and tone controls. A digital display indicates which source we have selected, as well as the volume or the level of bass and treble, if we have adjusted them.

Yamaha RS202 rear detail

The two rear speaker outputs can allow us to sound two rooms, or the living room and the terrace. It will be enough to bring the cables for the corresponding speakers. And from the front selector we can decide whether to send music to one, the other or both (A + B).

Elegant aluminum design

The “less is more” philosophy that Yamaha uses to offer a simple yet complete product is reflected in its design. The front is in smooth brushed aluminum , with the volume button and small controls. Yamaha has always designed devices in that minimalist style and the R-S202 continues the tradition. It is available in black or silver.

Yamaha RS202 silver

The remote control maintains that simplicity, but is very complete. It duplicates all the functions of the front, including the tone controls. This is very practical to be able to control them from the listening point: reinforce the frequencies that the room attenuates, or attenuate those that it exaggerates. It also includes controls for any player, so you don't need to look for another remote.

Yamaha RS202 knob

Design and care for the user are not only in what is seen, but also in how it is used. Playing the controls of the Yamaha is a pleasure, and observing its precise response on the remote control too. It includes practical functions such as automatic shutdown : you select if you want it to turn off at 2, 4, 8 or 12 hours. And at rest it barely consumes 0.5W, ecological to the maximum.

Up to 100 Watts

Very eco-friendly when you sleep, but very capable when you are awake. The passion for music at Yamaha dates back to 125 years, and that passion is reflected in its audio products. The amplification electronics make use of discrete components. Typical in this price range are amplifiers based on integrated circuits, industrial technical solutions. Yamaha prefers to use its own designs , its circuits, to ensure the quality of the final sound.

Yamaha RS202

In this way they can minimize sound signal paths in electronics. This helps improve the signal-to-noise ratio. Also, the internal power supply (transformer) is located near the output stages. What improves this is the musical dynamics, when the volume is high but also at low levels, we do not lose detail of our favorite music . Another detail of the electronic design is in the mass returns: they are all connected at one point, which is called "star". This eliminates interference and, again, improves the signal-to-noise ratio of the device.

The result is a clean and powerful sound , without loss of strength in the bass ... as far as the boxes we connect can reach. The R-S202 is capable of delivering 100 Watts per channel, into an 8 Ohm load, and with less than 0.2 percent total harmonic distortion between 40 Hz and 20 kHz.

Yamaha RS202 black

Yamaha R-S202

TypeIntegrated amplifier with AM / FM radio and Bluetooth
Tickets4 analog RCA line (1 Tape)
Speaker outputs2 pairs (spring type)
Radio memories40 stations
Maximum power100 W at 8 Ohm (0.2% THD),

peak 140 W (10% 1kHz), 180 W (2 Ohm)

S / R ratio100 dB
Input sensitivity500 mV (47 kOhm)
Consumption at rest0.5 W
BluetoothSBC / AAC
Remote controlYes, full (all functions)
Dimensions435 x 141 x 322 mm
Weight6.7 kg
Release dateAvailable
Price230 euros