Tinder does not work, the application does not allow entry or does not open

Tinder will hide the profile of LGTBQ people in homophobic countries

At this very moment the Tinder application has suffered a global decline. Dozens of users have reported this on Twitter and Facebook. We have done the respective checks and indeed, it seems that the application does not work in much of the world. Most cases report that Tinder does not work, does not open or does not allow access to the profile . We have tried to access the application, the service does not allow us to log in. At the moment there is no official communication from the company, but everything points to a crash of the application servers.

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Tinder won't open or log in

It's not you, it's me it's the Tinder app. The service has suffered a drop that affects a good part of Europe and some areas of the United States, Brazil and Australia. Also Spain , and especially in the north and center of the country, as we can see in the heat map on the Downdetector website.

tinder does not work login

Map of falls extracted from Downdetector.es. The red areas reflect the largest rebound in cases. Spain appears to have suffered a partial decline.

As we anticipated at the beginning of the article, the application does not allow access to the Tinder profile, even if we access with a Facebook account or through a registered phone number. When we try to access, the service is anchored in an infinite process that does not allow us to log in . If we are within the application, Tinder will automatically log out for security reasons.

Speaking of security, the company has not yet ruled on it. It is likely that we are facing a fall of the application servers, although it is not ruled out that the fall is derived from a large-scale attack .

Tinder will hide the profile of LGTBQ people in homophobic countries

At the moment all we can do is wait. This type of fall is not common on Tinder, so we cannot predict the company's performance time. It can last minutes, hours, or even a whole day . The normal thing is that the service is restored little by little during the next hours, although we cannot anticipate events. In any case, we will update the article with all the information if Tinder decides to officially pronounce itself.