▷ How to solve the error 403, 204, 404 and 416 of aTube Catcher [2019]

error 204 403 atube catcher

For some time now, the aTube Catcher program to download videos and music from YouTube has been causing a series of problems. Most of these are related to the 403, 204, 404, and 416 error . All these codes are used by the program in question to give us clues of its origin. Fortunately, the solution is usually the same in all cases regardless of our error. Just a few days ago we saw some alternatives to aTube for Windows, Mac and Linux and many others to download Torrent files on Android. Today we will teach you how to solve the aforementioned aTube Catcher errors in a simple way.

Solution to the error 403 and 204 of aTube Catcher (does not work or does not download music)

Two of the most common errors of the aforementioned program. Generally, the two errors are related to the inability of the application on Windows or Mac to access the server. The solution in this case is to update the application .

atube catcher error 204 and 403

To do this, we will open aTube Catcher and click on the Help menu on the top bar of the application , as can be seen in the image above. Then, we will click on the option to download and reinstall aTube Catcher. The program will automatically start downloading the latest version from the manufacturer's official website.

atube catcher error 204 and 403 2

Once the download has finished, the program will be completely reinstalled on our Windows computer. The process in this case is as simple as clicking Next and completing the installation . Now, the program should work as normal and the downloads should work again. If not, we will have to resort to the following method.

Solution to aTube Catcher 404 and 416 error (valid with 403 and 204 error)

If the application errors are different from the ones we have just discussed or the previous process has not provided us with the solution, the next thing we should do is uninstall aTube Catcher and deactivate the antivirus that we have installed on our PC. In the event that we do not have any, we will have to disable Windows Defender. In the article that we just linked we explain how to proceed.

Finally, we will reinstall the program from the official page . If the 404, 416, 403 or 204 errors are no longer displayed, then we can reactivate the antivirus. Otherwise, we must follow the steps that we will describe below.

Solution if the above has not worked for us

If by any chance none of the above solutions have solved the aTube Catcher problem, it may be due to a problem related to the Windows Firewall . Again we will have to uninstall the program and reinstall the latest version of aTube Catcher, although in this case with the Windows Firewall disabled.

disable windows 10 firewall

In Windows 10, this process is as simple as going to the Control Panel and System and Security . Then, we will go to Windows Firewall and finally we will click on the option to Activate or deactivate Windows Firewall.

disable windows 10 firewall 2

The last step will be to activate the option to Disable Windows Firewall . After installing aTube Catcher and checking that it does not give us any error, we will activate it again.

Still not working after doing all the steps? Then most likely it is due to a problem originating from the aTube Catcher servers or code. In this case, all we can do is wait for the developers to fix all the bugs.