How to transfer documents or books to the Amazon Kindle

pass amazon kindle files

There are different ways to pass books or documents to the Amazon book reader : the Kindle . And, besides being able to buy books online and, after purchase, appear at the moment when the reader through technology known as Whispersync and is able to save the last page read and resume reading from any equipment have it synchronized either: mobile, tablet or computer , there are also other options.

However, this is easy if you make purchases directly from the Amazon online store . But, what happens if you want to pass documents or other books that have been obtained by other means? For this there are some interesting options that we are going to review below:

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Using a USB port

Perhaps it is the easiest option. The user only has to connect the Kindle reader to the USB port of the computer . Once connected, the "My Computer" icon will show the device as if it were a hard drive. Entering the content of the Amazon Kindle , there will be several folders, but the one that is interesting in this regard is the so-called " Documents ". There you can drag all the files or books you want. The supported formats are: PDF, Mobi, PRC, TXT and AZW .

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Using an email account

Another easy-to-use option is: send the documents to the reader with an email account that Amazon enables to all users of the service. In other words, once you have registered with a service account, you must enter the " Manage my Kindle " section. There will be a section called " Configuration of personal documents " and you must register the email account that will be used to send the documents. If the email account is not registered, the shipments will not be effective. In addition, in this same section you can see at all times the email account to which the documents must be sent. An example is:  [email protected] Also,Amazon provides five GigaBytes of free space.

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Using an external program: Caliber

It is perhaps the most used and best known e-book management program. It is completely free and its name is Caliber . With it, the user will be able to order all their books and transfer them to the different computers that are used to read electronic books. In addition, in the case of the Amazon Kindle , the program itself will automatically convert the books that are not compatible to a format that the Amazon device can recognize.

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Using the "Send to Kindle" program

It is the newest method that Amazon has introduced. Although an extension for the Chrome, Firefox, Explorer or Safari browsers with the same name can be used for about a year, this application called Send to Kindle comes from the online store itself. It is free and allows Windows users -for the moment- to send articles, notes or books from the computer. It will be as easy as clicking the right mouse button and choosing the " Send to Kindle " option .

In this way, the files or documents will be sent via WiFi connection to Amazon's servers and will be stored in the " Kindle Library ", to be downloaded from any associated device that is in the same account. The supported formats in this case are: DOC, DOCX, PDF, TXT, RTF, BMP, JPEG, GIF and PNG .

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