The best programs to download torrents in 2020

The best programs to download torrents in 2020

Torrents have always had great fame among users for the possibility of sharing these types of files for the consumption of music content, series, movies and a long etcetera. It would not occur to anyone to doubt that torrents and their various download programs are the kings of P2P.

These programs, in addition to allowing us to download the files that we find , make our computer become a center for sharing data with the rest of the community. In fact, the more users share, the faster these files will transfer. A full-fledged Win-Win.

Therefore, here we bring you this updated list for 2020 with the 8 best programs to download torrents. Of course, before proceeding with this special it is important to clarify that we will not link to third party websites since from we do not promote the illegal download of content on the network. The purpose of this article is purely informative . With that said, let's get started!



Probably the most widespread option because it is the official program of BitTorrent, Inc, which also owns uTorrent. This method is very efficient, since the download is free and fast. Furthermore, its data sharing system avoids  the overload of the web server , since only a small part of the file is taken from each connected computer.

As we already said, it is free, but there are several payment options that will save us advertising , in addition to coming with several exclusive functions such as protection against viruses and malware, automatic bandwidth management or file conversion.



Until relatively recently, this torrent client was the undisputed king, but after several controversial episodes related to excessive advertising or the introduction of malware into the tool itself, it ended up scare off a large part of users.

Even so, its achievements must be recognized, one of its main strengths being having its own web application . Although it has a free version, it only has a Premium option for $ 19.95 per year, unlike the three offered by BitTorren. This paid version has the typical ad-free filter and additional security features.



This torrent download client makes use of the TOR network to maintain our anonymity. At the very least, this means talking about one of the safest options on this list .

For the rest, we have an open source program available for Windows, Linux or macOS operating systems . Another quite remarkable feature is that we do not need to search for the files on third-party pages, since the downloads are made directly in the application itself.


Web Torrent

This free program has the approval of many followers thanks to its enormous simplicity, which is a great advantage for less experienced users. An easy, fast and free tool for those who do not want to complicate their lives. Of course, those who want a well-nourished application of functions are going to be disappointed.

Finally, it should be noted that it has a web version , if you do not want to download the program locally. In any case, the application is also available for Windows, Linux or macOS.


Another torrent client with an affordable interface design for any type of user. The strong point of Deluge, in any case, is that it boasts of consuming the least possible resources. A very light program that dispenses with several functions that the most experienced users may miss first, but they always have the option to customize their user experience by installing various extensions.

Otherwise it is ad-free and quite safe. In addition, it is compatible with a good number of systems such as Windows, BSD Unix, macOS and Linux .



Unlike the previous one, Vuze is a program that does not stand out precisely for its lightness. Good proof of this is that, for many, it is possibly the most complete torrent client that exists in terms of number of functions.

It has two versions: Vuze, the freemium option, and Vuze +, the paid version for $ 2.49 per month (they are now on sale). The first one, although it gives us some publicity (what are we going to do), it is not without a good handful of functions such as playing the file directly from the application or support for magnet links.

The Plus version, in addition to the functions mentioned above ,  does not contain advertising and protects us against possible threats .



This popular BitTorrent client is well known thanks to its open source and for having a minimal and fully functional interface that does not go into frills. Its design consists of a window of very discreet dimensions that does not eat up the entire screen, as it usually happens with other torrent clients.

It also includes support for magnet links , DHT, µTP, PEX, simultaneous downloads, speed limits, advanced information, partial or total downloads, and a trackers editor. What is said is a good portfolio of functions for this simple program that you have to try.



We end up with an application that, like most of the programs on this list, has a simple interface, as well as having open source, being cross-platform, and allowing us to perform several simultaneous downloads .

We also have the possibility to download files from the eMule network , after installing an exclusive plugin. The rest of the functions include the reproduction of multimedia files during their download, tools to stop viruses and malware in their freemium version, or the configuration option for the application to turn off automatically after a download.

This is our selection with the 8 best clients to download torrents in 2020. Do any match your favorite? If not, tell us in the comments.