Roborock S6 MaxV, experience with the robot vacuum cleaner after three weeks of use


It is Roborock's most ambitious robot vacuum cleaner to date. The Roborock S6 MaxV has come ready to give a lot of war in the high-end segment of butler robots that help us keep the house clean and forget about the traditional vacuum cleaner and mopping. This team maintains the same base as previous models like the Roborock S6 but adds several very interesting improvements. Among them, we find a double camera on the front with which this robot is capable of analyzing the objects that it encounters along the way and dodges them. Strips, shoes and… pet droppings. Because the disaster can be huge if your pet has a loose belly and the vacuum cleaner goes over it.

In addition, it greatly improves the capacity of your water tank, so that you can scrub an area of ​​200 square meters without having to change the water. All this completed with more power, autonomy and control of all its functions through the mobile. I have had the opportunity to test the Roborock S6 MaxV for several weeks, available in stores for an official price of 650 euros . This has been my experience.

Roborock S6 MaxV price

Roborock S6 MaxV Chart

Roborock S6 MaxV
Navigation technologyLaser mapping

Object recognition through a double camera and artificial intelligence


Cleaning modesAutomatic, by zones, by rooms, ability to store multiple floors
PowerDelicate, Silent, Balanced, Turbo, Maximum
Dirt tank460 milliliters
Scrub tank297 milliliters
Battery5,200 milliamps
AutonomyUp to 180 minutes
ConnectivityWiFi, through the Roborock and Xiaomi Home app, compatible with Google Home
Suction power2,500 Pa
SurfacesAll surfaces and carpets
Cleaning areaUp to 300 square meters
NoiseUp to 67 dB
Dimensions353 x 350 x 96.5 millimeters and 3.7 kilograms
Release dateAvailable
Price650 euros

Dual front camera with artificial intelligence

The great novelty of the Roborock S6 MaxV robot is the inclusion of a double front camera that works in combination with artificial intelligence. The double camera is capable of recognizing various types of objects to avoid them, as long as they are at least 5 centimeters high. This is where AI comes in, as it compares the images you are recording against a database of over 10,000 items to analyze them correctly. And what objects does it identify? We have power strips, pedestals (like a lamp), common objects, footwear (the robot vacuum cleaner is over with the shoelaces, a classic) and even pet droppings. And it is more useful than it may seem, since otherwise the robot could go over it and spread the stools throughout the room.

Roborock-S6-MaxV brush

The best thing about this technology is that it can improve over time as the database expands and becomes more effective . In my experience, object recognition works quite well and has usually almost always identified by house shoes and… bowel movements. To verify this point, Roborock sent a fake poop that has helped me to corroborate it (thank goodness I have not had to verify it with real depositions). Of course, you have to bear in mind that these cameras are only capable of capturing elements with a minimum of 5 centimeters. In other words, be careful with loose cables , such as cables leading away from the power strip, chargers, etc ... Several times I have had to chase the robot for being caught on a cable.

If you are concerned about privacy, Roborock has taken great care of this point. First, the robot does not start using the camera unless you give it your express consent. Not only that. There is a function by which the robot vacuum cleaner takes images of the objects it has identified and you can check them in the app to mark if it is a correct recognition. Again, without express consent do not take these photos.

By the way, the cameras of the robot vacuum cleaner incorporate infrared , so that it can also carry out cleaning by dodging objects if the house is dark.


Smart house mapping, now on multiple floors

The Roborock S6 MaxV performs a whole house laser mapping. This mapping is very fine and from the first cleaning it is already able to analyze the entire room fairly accurately. You can see that this point has been improving from model to model. But, in addition, the novelty in the S6 MaxV is that the robot can store the information of several different floors in your house, so that if you live in a duplex you will not have to do the mapping of the upper floor again when you take the robot. In fact, it is capable of automatically analyzing which floor it is on.

From the app you can review the different maps of the floors (in this case, I have not been able to check its operation at various heights). As in the previous robots, you have options of a complete cleaning, a cleaning by rooms or a cleaning by areas that you specifically mark. The recognition of the different rooms has also been improved a lot, but in any case if it is not able to do it correctly you can modify it manually.

shin chan voice app

The app has a clear and well-organized interface. In the foreground you have the floor map, with the complete path that the robot has followed in the last cleaning and at the top data of the area it has cleaned, the battery percentage and the time it has taken to clean. On the right you have the options to edit the map and adjust the cleaning mode. There are five cleaning modes: delicate, quiet, balanced, turbo, and max . The delicate mode is really for very fragile floors. Also here you can mark the type of cleaning with the scrubbing cloth (which I talk about in another section).

Other interesting options in the app are to schedule cleaning, find out the status of the accessories and when they will need maintenance, and the option to change the voice to different languages, including Spanish. The robot alerts you by voice when a cleaning begins or ends or when it gets stuck. By the way, on a personal level I find the option of putting Shin Chan's voice in Chinese or Japanese very funny . It is a real sight to hear him laugh.

An advanced functionality of the app is to change the power of both vacuuming and scrubbing for each room in the house. A good way for you, for example, to enhance scrubbing in areas like the bathroom.


Improved suction power

The Roborock S6 MaxV improves on a feature that was already quite prominent in the previous model: the suction power. If the Roborock S6 hits 2,100Pa, the S6 MaxV ups the ante to 2,500Pa . Of course, on a day-to-day basis, I have not had to opt for this maximum power, especially because it carries a negative point: noise. It is one of the few sections in which it seems worse than its previous version. Overall, it's a pretty noisy robot vacuum unless you put it on silent mode. But it's nice to be able to play with the power levels to find the best balance between the discomfort you create and the level of cleanliness. By the way, regardless of the power level that we use, the robot vacuum cleaner is able to identify when it is passing through a carpet and increase the power.

Roborock S6 MaxV connection app

Excellent autonomy

Perhaps the most surprising thing about the robot is its autonomy. Despite having more power than the Roborock S6 and the same battery, this robot is capable of adding another thirty minutes of maximum autonomy up to 180 minutes . That is, up to three hours of cleaning with a single charge that can be used to clean floors and chalets in a single pass. In fact, an interesting function has also been included. In the event that the robot runs out of battery in the middle of a cleaning, it will return to the base automatically and charge just enough to finish the cleaning.

In my personal experience, I have tried to test the autonomy of the vacuum cleaner but even with two cleanings in a row at my house (about 90 square meters total) the robot ended with more than 50% of the autonomy .

Roborock-S6-MaxV tank scrubbing

Double the capacity of the scrub tank

As for the scrub tank, it doubles the capacity compared to the Roborock S6, up to 297 milliliters . According to the data of the brand, with this deposit we can reach a surface of up to 200 meters . On a personal level, I find it one of the least interesting functions of the robot, despite this improvement in the tank. In any case, it cannot be considered a substitute for traditional scrubbing, but rather a way of moistening the floor (even at the maximum level the amount of water that is added is little). To carry out this cleaning an accessory with a built-in mop is used. If this accessory is not installed, the robot will not release water.

We have three different levels of scrubbing . Although the most advisable thing is to remove the carpets when we go to vacuum with a mop, the Roborock S6 MaxV is able to identify that moment to stop pouring water and not damage this surface.

Roborock-S6-MaxV tank scrubbing

Price and reviews

Forget the idea that the Roborock is a cheap Chinese brand. An idea that is closely associated with the participation that Xiaomi has in the company. On the contrary, many of the models of this firm come to compete directly with rivals such as Dyson , as is the case of the Roborock H6 handheld vacuum cleaner. The Roborock S6 MaxV is one of the most complete and powerful robot vacuum cleaners that you are going to find today on the market, and that is also noticeable in the price. You can already find it in stores for a cost of 650 euros, which takes it away from many pockets.But if you have money to make this investment, you are going to take a very interesting model. Among the features that I liked the most when testing it is its power, the object recognition system and of course the quality of its mapping, in addition to the excellent autonomy. On the downside, I still can't find its mop system as an alternative to traditional scrubbing, and it's a pretty noisy robot.

Roborock-S6-MaxV buttons