WhatsApp crash, problems with the service and sending messages

WhatsApp crash, problems with the service and sending messages 1

Are you having problems with WhatsApp ? Messages not reaching you? Can't send anything to your friends and family? You are not the only one. We have detected that the well-known messaging application is having problems . As we have seen, users have problems accessing the service and also sending and receiving messages.

As we have seen in Downdetector, WhatsApp has been down for about 15 minutes . The case report began around 5:20 p.m. and right now the number of reported cases continues to grow. When we started writing this news we were at just over 125 and in just a few minutes we have almost reached 1,000 reports.

WhatsApp downdetector crash

If we rely on the failure reported by users, the problem is, mostly, access to the application . Some of the users have also reported problems sending and receiving messages .

Regarding the geographical area, most of the reported cases are concentrated in central Europe . It seems that countries like Germany, Italy or England are among the most affected.

Cases have also been reported in Spain, countries in South America, Mexico and the United States; although the latter to a lesser extent than in Europe.

whatsapp drop map

If we focus more on Spain, the areas where the most cases have been reported are in cities like Valencia, Madrid and Barcelona. Much damage has also been detected in the Santiago de Compostela area .

What can we do?

Unfortunately as users we can do little or nothing when there is a general drop in service. We can only wait for Facebook (current owner of the messaging application) to solve the problem.

We can also use one of the most widespread alternatives to WhatsApp. Indeed, we are talking about Telegram. There are many users who, in the face of the latest WhatsApp crashes, have decided to install Telegram to have it as an alternative to the well-known messaging application.