How to receive an acknowledgment of your emails

acknowledgment of receipt 1

The truth is that the servers of the email systems notify you when it is impossible to deliver any of your messages. But removing this caveat, there are few programs that allow you to program an acknowledgment message , and it must be recognized that it is something that has its utility. It allows to know if the message has arrived, and also if the user has opened it . Of course, with the exponential increase in spam , and trap messages to collect active email addresses, not all users welcome this type of control. That is why we recommend that you do not use the trick that we offer below in a wayindiscriminate .

Use it only with your friends and acquaintances, with people who you know in advance will agree to receive and send an acknowledgment of receipt. For other people, it can even be an intolerable intrusion into privacy . You can use it with those mail services that do not allow this type of service, such as Gmail , Yahoo! Mail or Windows Live Hotmail . It is a free solution . A service called SpyPig . As far as we know, the service is financed solely by advertising on the website, and does not collectthe email addresses of users to create zombie computer networks or to send advertising did not want . Anyway, use it at your own risk. The service offered by this website will automatically and instantly send you a notification when the recipient opens the message .

receipt receipt 2

This notification will also include some additional details such as the IP address of the recipient and how many times they have read the message, which, in some way, shows their interest in it. The service is very simple. You just have to enter the page that we have marked above, and once there you must go to the box located in the right column of the window. There you will have to write your email address , not necessarily the shipping address, but the one where you expect to receive the acknowledgment of receipt . You will also have to enter the title of the message so that you know to which of all those you have sent corresponds each acknowledgment of receipt.

From then on, the service will create a small graphic of a cute little pig, which you have to embed in your outgoing message. If you register for the service, you can use your own icons, for example a smiley , which goes more unnoticed. Depending on the service you are using, there are different ways to do it, although the most common is to copy and paste . In other cases, for example in Firefox , simply drag and drop the icon over the message. Those using web-based email solutions may have to open the SpyPig page in a separate window.. As you may have guessed right, since it's about embedding an image, it can't be done over text messages . It must be done in HTML messages . By the way, the pig icon expires in 60 seconds, so you should do the copying and embedding process as quickly as possible. Once the icon is copied and pasted, you just have to send the email.