How to sync PC photos with Google Photos application

How to sync PC photos with Google Photos application 1

The Google application for synchronizing photos between computers is one of the simplest and most complete that we can use. In addition to its multiple functions, such as being able to edit photos, create movies or albums, what we use this application the most is to upload our photos to the cloud. Once they are uploaded, we can delete them and thus free up space. And we can work with it from any device on which we have the application installed and our Google Photos account connected.

What if we want to make a copy, not of the photos of the mobile, but of the images that we save on the PC? Well, keep reading because it is much easier than you imagine.

How to sync PC photos with Google Photos application

To synchronize the photos from the computer with the Google Photos application, you just have to go to the official page of the app at this link. Once downloaded (it only weighs 2 and a half megabytes, so you will not have problems of space or slow download) we proceed to install it.

synchronize the photos of your pc with google

Next, we accept the license agreement and, at that moment, the 'Google Photos Backup' program will be installed. Later, we will have to synchronize our Google Photos account with this new application that we have installed on the computer. To do this, simply put your Gmail email and password. Once you have completed this step, you will only have to select which folders you want to be synchronized. If you don't want all the photos to be uploaded, you can create a site on purpose and save, here, the ones you want to keep.

From that moment, and without you having to do anything, all the photos will be uploaded to your Google Photos application, which you can access, as is customary, from any device on which you have it installed . A good trick for all of us who handle images and must constantly change terminals.