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5 news that Android 7 brings to the Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphones have finally started updating to Android 7, the latest version of Google's operating system.

And what is truly interesting is not the new Android version itself, but also the adaptations and news that Samsung introduces with its own customization layer.

If you have a Samsung Galaxy S6 and you have updated or plan to update, we show you all the interesting news that you will enjoy on your phone.

All these features are also available for the updated Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

What's new in Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge with Android 7

1. Improved design

One of the main novelties is the change in design. Following its usual line, Samsung is committed to personalizing the phone dialer with its own style and adding bold and elegant colors .

The application folders also have a new aesthetic, with a more transparent background that allows the icons of each app to stand out more . And in the notification bar, the lit switches have a new blue color, in a light blue hue.

2. Better use of the battery

On the other hand, as explained in SamMobile, you can enjoy greater autonomy with each charge. This is because Android 7 Update for Samsung Galaxy S6 offers new ways to control the use of the battery .

android 7 nougat

Android 7 Nougat, the latest version of Google's mobile operating system, brings very interesting news for the Samsung Galaxy S6

In fact, the update introduces two different power saving modes and a much more detailed battery management panel. From this menu you will be able to check the energy consumption, the open applications and the options available to save on consumption and extend the time of use available.

3. A blue filter to protect your eyes

One of the most anticipated novelties that finally arrives with Android 7 is the blue light filter on the screen . This is an option that reduces the "impact" of the smartphone's light on vision and prevents the eyes from getting too tired when using the phone.

Until now, users had to install third-party applications, but with Android 7 it will no longer be necessary. In fact, a switch appears in the icons of the notification bar that allows you to turn this function on or off at any time and with ease.

4. Smarter phone management

Another interesting novelty is that Samsung finally introduces an advanced phone manager from which we can clean junk files, close applications that are consuming a lot of power and check data on the performance of the terminal.

samsung galaxy s6 s6 edge

Both the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge are starting to get the update to Android 7

5. Applications "muted" and disabled

We can also select an annoying application at any time and "put it to sleep . " In this way, the app will be completely silenced and will not show notifications or consume power until we open it again.

A video with all the news

Although these are some of the most interesting changes that Android 7 brings to the Samsung Galaxy S6, the list of news is long. We recommend spending two minutes to watch the video they have prepared in SamMobile reviewing the features that have changed with this update.