5 ING app glitches that the bank should fix

5 bugs in the ING app that the bank should fix 1

ING Direct's mobile application has turned dozens of users on their heads since online banking forced its clients to use it to operate through their accounts . This is because the platform has suffered a multitude of drops since the beginning of 2019 until now, not to mention the number of bugs that the application has and that more than twenty users have reported in some of our articles. For this reason we have made a compilation of several of the most common failures of the ING app, both for mobile and desktop browsers.

The stability of the servers

Last December all ING Direct online services suffered no less than three drops in just under three weeks. It is not an isolated event: the application access problems are innumerable . They also don't seem to have been fixed since then, as some users have reported in this other article.

5 ING app glitches that the bank should fix 2

The problem is further aggravated when operations depend entirely on this route, which prevents movements between accounts and even payments through credit and debit cards provided by the bank itself.

The validation of access through the mobile phone

When accessing the ING Direct mobile application for the first time, the bank's security system forces all users to validate their credentials through a code sent by sending an SMS. The problem is that this SMS does not reach its destination in a not inconsiderable number of occasions.

The solution is to contact the ING customer service directly, a service that is sometimes saturated, as we will see below.

Online customer service

One of the most serious problems with the application has to do with the customer service line. Currently this service is offered through two channels. The first is to use the chat that the platform itself integrates to speak with a specialized operator. The problem, once again, is that this service tends to suffer saturations when the servers go down or when the number of failures reported by other users is very large.

5 ING app bugs the bank should fix 3

The other route to which we can resort is the telephone, although it suffers from the same problem. Also, some users report that there is no international assistance number to report bugs outside the member countries of the European Union.

Bank transfers to other accounts

The problems with transfers between different accounts and entities have been present in the ING Direct application since last year. This problem is transferred to all transfers made between different holders, regardless of the bank to which they belong.

It is true that between accounts of the same owner, the platform does not usually present any inconvenience, although it is not something that is usually done with the same frequency as transfers between different owners.

Dependence of mobile app banking

Outside of the operations carried out through the ING Direct application, the online banking service depends on a single server system. This means that all operations carried out through ATMs or dataphones will be affected to a greater or lesser extent.

This has been confirmed by some users, who have repounded a multitude of problems when paying with the bank card or proceeding through an ATM.