What is a virtual number and what do I need it for?

What is a virtual number and what do I need it for?

When we decide to undertake a project, be it a small company or a startup, we will surely find ourselves in need of limiting our work and personal life. Not only that, but we will also want to maintain solid and trustworthy lines of communication .

Among the wide range of available options, a virtual telephone gives us the possibility to take advantage of the traditional functions of the telephone of a lifetime , and at the same time take advantage of the benefits of the digital environment.

Although if you are not thinking of starting a company, virtual phones are also a great idea for any user when it comes to avoiding unwanted calls or simply having a security number with whoever we want .

There are many and varied uses that you can give to a virtual number . Therefore, today we are going to reel off the benefits of this tool that many were surely unaware. In addition, we will also recommend some services, both paid and free, so that you can try these solutions for yourself.

What is a virtual phone number and what is it for?

A virtual number is a normal telephone number, with its nine digits and prefix, that is not physically associated with a physical cable, but uses the Internet to contact other telephone numbers .

As we can see, hiring a virtual number does not imply any change in the way they will communicate with you since your contacts will continue to use a telephone number . But it is also that this tool is especially useful on certain occasions as we will see below.

Let's imagine that we need a mobile or landline phone for our work and we don't want to share our personal number. The most convenient thing will be to share our virtual number with our partners and clients so that all calls to this number are diverted to the personal number, which we normally use.

Another very remarkable feature of virtual numbers are the mobility options they offer. With this solution, we will be able to manage the communications of our company from anywhere in the world. The location does not matter, as its operation will remain the same .

And for those who have to move to another country, there are also enormous advantages, since while our loved ones will call us with local rates, for us any incoming call will be free. In fact, it is the system commonly used by the 24 - hour technical assistance services of many companies. So, if you have noticed that they speak to you with a different accent, it is that your call has been redirected through a virtual telephone service to another country.

Virtual phone numbers with free options

The following options for contracting virtual telephone services offer all the comforts described above , in addition to having free options:



We started with Line2, an app with a multitude of options at your fingertips , such as making conference calls, call forwarding or answering machine. Although it is more focused on the business world, any user can use its service to get a disposable and temporary number. Of course, your freemium option is available only for 7 days.

Line2 is available for Android and iOS systems.


The main differential value of Sideline is that it does not have a free trial period, since its service is completely free from minute one . Of course, some of its functions require a monthly subscription.

Sideline is available for both Android and iOS version devices.


Unlike the others, this app uses real numbers and not VoIP, as well as a set of functions that you can perform from the same number, such as calling or sending SMS. Come on, you can use it as if it were your usual phone number .

In addition, Burner is perfectly compatible with tools such as Dropbox, Evernote or Slack . It also has a free trial period to test its services before hiring.

It is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Virtual paid phone number services

If you have a business with international projection and your clients need to call you from anywhere in the world, these payment references interest you:


With Zadarma you can request a virtual number for any of the 96 countries available in its services by paying a monthly fee that ranges from 1.8 euros to 95 euros depending on the region we choose .

Toll Free Forwarding

Toll Free Forwarding is an ideal service for individuals and companies. It has different different plans for both user profiles, as well as being a very accessible and easy-to-use tool .

The only problem for Spanish users is that, although they let you choose local phone numbers, they do not offer the option for free phones (toll free).


Call hippo

This cloud-based VoIP phone system is more focused on meeting the communication needs of startups and small businesses. They provide virtual numbers in more than 50 countries at quite affordable prices .

Fixed Virtual

Another very easy to use service. Fixed Virtual is perfect for those who have a relatively low number of calls per month with a monthly maintenance cost of 8 euros, although it can be 4 if they pay for the entire year .

We hope this special has helped you enter the interesting world of virtual telephones. Who knows, maybe more than one is already thinking of hiring one. If you want more information about what each of the services described above can offer you, you just have to click on the links.