The best guided meditation videos on YouTube

The best guided meditation videos on YouTube

YouTube is a video platform packed with content to help you relax . On other occasions we have told you about countless videos with relaxing music or white noise, specially designed for you to rest your mind, meditate, study or get a deeper sleep.

A separate chapter is that of meditation . Many people who have entered this world can no longer get out of it. And this is good, because although many see this of meditation as a mystical experience, made only for certain profiles, the experience of meditating only consists of concentrating in a deep way on something.

If you have not tried it yet, you should know that guided meditations can help you feel at peace with yourself , relax your mind and find a way to learn to relativize problems, better manage stress episodes, take care of your diet or sleep well .

As its name suggests, guided meditation is a process that accompanies people in this process. If you have never tried it, it is normal that it costs you at first. One of the greatest difficulties has to do with the difficulty that people have in not analyzing their thoughts . Are you one of those who spin everything infinite times? In that case, guided meditation may cost you, but trying will help.

That is why we provide you with a series of guided meditation videos that you can find on YouTube and that will undoubtedly help you, whether you are a beginner, have an intermediate level or consider yourself an expert in this field.


Before meditating, some tips ...

1. Pick a good time to meditate. The ideal ones are first thing in the morning, just after getting up or at night, before going to sleep.

2. Do your meditation sessions in a quiet place in the house . Make sure that the light is right, that you are not interrupted and that you are in a cozy space.

3. The space has to be orderly and pleasant in every way. Meditating in a messy and dirty space will be difficult, especially if you are inexperienced. You can also do it in the middle of nature: in fact, by being on YouTube, you can take these videos with you anywhere.

4. Many people use the classic Lotus Flower pose for meditation. But it is not essential. All you have to do is sit in a comfortable posture with your back straight. This will help you better control your breathing.

5. Finally, and since we are here, we recommend that you stay away from all devices, except the one that will allow you to play the guided meditation videos on YouTube , of course.

Videos to learn to meditate

Have you never meditated? Well, in this case, we recommend you start at the beginning. In this video that we present to you below you have the bases to get started in this meditation and guided meditation. We highly recommend watching this first ONDIYOGA video, which will give you the keys .

The video is barely five minutes long, but it contains the basics of meditation. So if you weren't sure how to start, here you will find all the keys. You just have to start. 

Now let's move on to a first guided meditation video. This gives the first basics of meditation and then describes a simple practice to work, especially breathing. What is tried, according to the creators of this meditation, is to keep the mental attention fixed on a single focus, which in this case is the breath. We recommend that you do not sit down to meditate with a preconceived idea, but do it in an open way and enjoying what the experience is going to provide you.

Another interesting video to learn to master breathing is that we present you below. It is an exercise in which she delves into the experience of learning and seeing new details in things, ideas and experiences that we already know in principle. It is like observing for the first time .

Do you have little time to meditate? Well, in this case, we propose you this video of 15 minutes of guided meditation for beginners. It is a very interesting content for all those who do not know very well how to start with meditation. Basic instructions are provided for conducting short and effective meditations .

It's probably one of YouTube's guided meditation videos. Not surprisingly, it has been reproduced more than 6.6 million times. Many users say that they use it regularly to sleep better or even to cradle their babies. We encourage you to try it and tell us what the effects have been. 

More Guided Meditation Videos

If you have already started in the practice of meditation, below we provide you with a series of videos that are already more aimed at people with some type of experience or who tend to do meditation more often.

In this video you will receive guidance, advice and examples from an expert Buddhist meditation monk . In this way, you are sure to get more out of your meditations and teachings.

Here you have another guided meditation video, lasting more than 20 minutes , in which the voice is in charge of directing you to better breathing. You will see that this session seeks to find and exercise our ability to breathe better and fill our lungs to the maximum.

Are you looking to connect with yourself and find the answers to the questions you ask yourself every day? In this session you will have the opportunity to focus again on your breathing and reach the depths of your inner self. 

If you usually do your meditation sessions at night, this video will help you even more. It is content specially created to relax in the last minutes of the night, just before going to sleep. It will be very useful if you have mild insomnia problems or if you have difficulty falling asleep .

Meditation can also help you combat discouragement and sadness . If you are on one of those days, maybe you can try this guided meditation session, with which you can listen to yourself and let yourself be felt. Enjoy it and make peace and well-being a routine.