How to use your mobile as a microphone for Windows

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Whether it's chatting with friends on Skype , setting tactics in a game, or singing your favorite songs, a microphone can be a very useful accessory for a computer. But what happens when you don't have one? You may not have any on hand, although surely a mobile is not missing. Here is the solution to your problem. You will be able to use your phone as a replacement and in addition to a very simple way, it is incredibly easy to configure.

If you have an Android device , you can turn your phone into a wireless microphone for a Windows computer (connecting it via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth), or into a conventional microphone using the device's USB cable . The first thing you have to do is install the WO Mic pack , both the application on your mobile and the client and driver on your computer. All the material can be found for free on the developer's website. When you have installed everything, connect the mobile to the computer using the USB cable. Configure the USB mode in the Android application through the Settings section. Then click on Start . If you've done everything right, the microphone figure should be in color.

micro mobile

Now you have to enter the WO Mic Client program that you have installed for the computer. Go to the option " Connection " and then to " Connect". Then also choose the USB option and click on the Ok button to finish. To use the wireless mode through the WiFi or bluetooth connection , you just have to point the WiFi or bluetooth option on the Android device . On the computer you will have to choose the same type of connection. If you choose WiFi , the device will automatically create an IP addressthat you must then enter the computer. If it is via bluetooth, you will have to confirm the bluetooth name that you have on your Android phone on your computer .

In the case of WiFi , additionally, Windows will probably display a firewall window when clicking on the Connect button . If this happens to you, click OK so that the microphone can work without problems. If you want to test if the microphone works correctly, click on " Options " within the computer program and check the option " Play in Speaker". Now, when speaking into the microphone of the Android device , the sound should play through the speakers of the computer.

If you are not convinced by this way of using a microphone on a computer with your mobile, there are other alternatives, although you will need a mini jack to mini jack audio cable. You will have to connect this cable to the microphone jack of your computer and to the audio output of your Android mobile . You will also need to have the Microphone application installed on your phone (available on Google Play ). Another option is to connect headphones to the microphone jack of the computer and speak through them. Mind you, don't expect good quality.

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