The 10 best Easter memes to send on WhatsApp

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One more year, Easter is approaching, where some enjoy processions and bustle and others try to flee from the big city to take a well-deserved vacation. For both of you, here we propose 10 Easter memes to send by WhatsApp . First of all, things, with a sense of humor.

The brotherhood of the holy birra

In this week, devotion mixes with the party . Many hours are spent on the street. And, of course, thirst enters. And there are many who would love to pray to this supposed brotherhood. Styling is a separate case. And that can of beer embedded in the belly ... We refrain from commenting. To send it to your brother friend who always goes with a beer.

The 10 best Easter memes to send on WhatsApp 1

Sunday, of course, of bouquets

Sergio is a bit naive, according to what he wants to tell us in this meme. And the joke is very bad. Yes, we know it, but it is so easy to do and so effective, that we have not wanted to overcome the temptation to do it. Palm Sunday. Clear. Of which Ramos? Anyway, we better shut up. To send it to your brother-in-law, the soccer one.

The 10 best Easter memes to send on WhatsApp 2

Yes, it is Easter, but ...

You have to work? So it's less Easter. You stay in the city, and if you don't like processions, you already have the week thrown. Well, you might get this meme, in which poor Dawson, from Dawson Grows, laments about his workday. They even make him work at Easter!

The 10 best Easter memes to send on WhatsApp 3

Mass cinema, every day

Put the TV on Easter. Try to watch a movie that is not based on the Bible . Or in which there are no Romans. Impossible. Pleated skirts, oiled torsos, muscles, gladiators ... It doesn't seem like a bad plan but, when you've already seen 'The 10 commandments' 10 times ... You consider turning it off.

The 10 best Easter memes to send on WhatsApp 4

Beware of hangovers that the devil carries

A whole week goes a long way. And if you prayed too much to the beer brotherhood, you end up the same as the one in the photo. So we recommend you not to drink too much, alternate glasses of water between the glasses and think that there is a lot of night ahead. If not, you won't have enough saints to take your headache away.

The 10 best Easter memes to send on WhatsApp 5

The weather at Easter, cause for tears

Both for those who go to the beach and those who stay, because the processions do not go out. Every Holy Week it rains. It's normal: 7 days go a long way, although the forecasts for this year are for full sun. So we will be able to enjoy the beach, the Macarena and whatever we want. Perhaps on Easter Sunday we will see Iker say these words ...

The 10 best Easter memes to send on WhatsApp 6

Blessed Virgin of the People's Princess

Look at her, what righteousness, what dignity when it comes to showing herself in front of all her devotees. When the People's Princess appears, we must all pay homage. Harmony of forms, gestures, feelings. A people united to offer an offering to the most generous of our saints!

The 10 best Easter memes to send on WhatsApp 7

Atheist and the center in Seville

Tremendous combination. To go out, you must first look at all the surrounding streets because, surely, you will find one, or more, brotherhoods. Being an atheist and living in the center in Seville is a tough test of resistance. The 10 best Easter memes to send on WhatsApp 8

A Holy Week… Without nails?

Finally, a touch of humor a bit irreverent. Remember they are just jokes!

The 10 best Easter memes to send on WhatsApp 9

To send these Easter memes by WhatsApp, you just have to click with the right button, save and send through, if you want, WhatsApp Web. That easy!