Income Declaration Calendar 2016

income calendar

With the start of the new year, many of us forget that a new cycle of tax obligations begins . In fact, most of us are still locked into last year's VAT balance, so it is relatively easy to forget that we will have to continue to comply with the Treasury for another year . That is precisely why the Tax Agency has already published the taxpayer's general calendar. It is, as you can imagine, a document that shows with great clarity what are the start dates, deadlines and deadlines to present all those declarations to which we are obliged as freelancers, businessmen and ordinary citizens. To make things easier for you, we want to help you keep up to date with everything , so we are going to remind you of all those appointments you have to go to without fail to present one of the most important - and on the other hand, mandatory - documents of this 2017: the declaration of Income 2016 . If you want to keep up to date with everything and avoid last minute setbacks, take a look at the calendar.

2016 income calendar

Income 2016, the declaration of the year

If you are an entrepreneur or self-employed, we are sure that you are already clear about the deadlines in which you have to file all your personal income tax, VAT, Companies and others. They say that the habit makes the monk. But what about the 2016 Income Statement ? As you know every year, the declaration campaign affects practically all citizens (except those who do not meet minimum income or collect non-contributory pensions), so you have to be very aware of the deadlines and move forward as soon as possible. procedure . Not in vain, we will have to do the same, sooner or later.

April 5, the 2016 Income campaign begins

Attentive to this date: April 5, 2017 , because the 2016 Income campaign begins . The Tax Agency has marked this day on the calendar as the start date of the business period to present the 2016 Income and Equity declaration . What can we do from that day on? Well, very simple: ask for the draft of the 2016 Income on the website of the Tax Agency. It is a very fast process, with which the taxpayer will obtain the draft of the return up to the minute, that is, the data on your income that the Agency has been collecting throughout the year and that, in principle, are those that are recorded. Those who are not self-employed or entrepreneurs and agree with the draft (remember that it is important to collate all the data), will have the opportunity to present the declaration directly . If they do not change any information, the most likely thing is that the Tax Agency will accept their declaration as good almost immediately and they can receive the money that corresponds to them (in case the declaration was returned to them) much faster than if they modified the eraser. The deadline to request drafts and submit electronic declarations will end on June 30, 2016 .

income 2016

Request the draft, a simple procedure

You will see that requesting the draft of the declaration is not a complex process. If you have already done it before, you will know that all you have to do is access the 2016 Income page (it will be enabled later) and access the Draft / Web Income Processing Service . If you want you can do it with an electronic certificate, but we guarantee that it is much easier to ask for the reference number (it is a simple SMS with an access code) and do the procedure. It will take less than a minute and as if this were not enough, you can take advantage of the new Renta Web program (launched last season) to make the return from the browser itself, instead of having toinstall the PARENT program, which is a much more cumbersome additional software resource . When you have the draft (simply enter the reference number that the Tax Agency has provided when requested, along with the rest of the information such as the surname or DNI), you can review the data and make all those changes that you consider appropriate . Remember to check all the data well and do not rush: you have time until June 30 . Any data is essential for the statement to come out as favorable as possible.

Request an appointment with the Tax Agency

If you need guidance to make the income statement and you do not have an agent who can help you, perhaps you should make an appointment with the Tax Agency . You can do it from the beginning of May, specifically on the 2nd, from the agency's own website, but also by telephone or telematics , to make sure that we have reserved our appointment with an official of the administration. To all this, it should be noted that all taxpayers will already have the possibility of submitting their return electronically , through the Renta Web service. It is, without a doubt, a much more agile system, with which we will be able to list our return in a few minutes and that will avoid having to endure long queues at the tax offices.

May 11, presentation of statements in offices

As the calendar indicates, on May 11, the 2016 Income filing period will begin at collaborating entities and at the AEAT offices . This is a classroom procedure, so those who do not want or can do so online, will be able to start paying accounts with the tax office physically .

income 2016

June 26, deadline for declarations with results to be entered

Be careful, June 26 is an important date for all those taxpayers who are certain or suspect that the declaration will give them a result to enter with direct debit. We say this because the Tax Agency gives us a limit until June 26 to present the draft , either electronically or in person. If you think that it will pay you, because the draft has already told you or because you know that it will be like that, it would be convenient for you to speed up the presentation process, because the Treasury gives you 4 days less than the rest of the taxpayers . Just keep that in mind, if you want to avoid penalties.

June 30, the 2016 Income campaign ends

Attention, because finally you must write this information in your head or keep it very present in the calendar: June 30 will be the deadline for all taxpayers to present the 2016 Income tax return. In this way, all versions (face-to-face , telematics ...) will have to be closed and presented. If we do not do it, the Tax Agency will issue the corresponding sanctions, so the thing could be very expensive. In any case, we recommend that you be attentive to all appointments and dates to resolve the issue of the 2016 Income Statement as soon as possible.

December 31, payment of declarations

If the statement has been returned and you still have not received the money, you will have to arm yourself with patience. The Tax Agency has until December 31, 2017 to return these amounts. This means that until then you will not be able to do anything, unless you have to resolve a specific matter with the Tax Agency . If you have questions about the payment, we recommend that you speak directly with your manager or go to your nearest branch to receive the pertinent clarifications. From that date they will be obliged to pay you and if they do so late , they will have to add a minimum interest for late payment to the amount.