RITI Printer, a printer that uses coffee beans as ink

2009_02_05_printer cafe1

This is one of those devices that we all would like to have , if only to avoid the drain that comes with buying expensive ink cartridges . This is RITI Printer , a printer that uses ground coffee or tea instead of industrial ink . Unfortunately, at the moment it is just a design concept created by the Korean Jeon Hwan Ju for the second contest of ecological gadgets launched this year by the industrial design magazine Core 77 . If it wins - and if it succeeds in stopping the ink and toner industry from putting dirt on it - the printermaybe it will be commercialized one day.2009_02_05_printer cafe2

RITI Printer does not use cartridges . In its place there is a reusable tank where you pour your coffee or tea . The designer responsible for the invention does not explain the exact process by which coffee is converted into an ink that can be assimilated by paper. In fact, the printer does not use electricity . It is the user himself who is printing the sheet through the ecological, although tiring, procedure of moving the tank attached to the head from one side to the other. After the swings required to print a sheet, the creator of the artifact ensures that a slight aroma of coffee can be appreciatedboth on the printed sheet and around the printer. Wonderful for mornings in the office.

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The idea of ​​a manual pull printer is very useful for places where electricity is not a common good . However, and even if it is not so ecological, it would not be bad for the concept to incorporate an engine as God intended in the future . More than anything to avoid stiffness in the arm when printing a class assignment or a 30-page report from the office.

However, the idea of using coffee as a basis for printer ink is a great alternative to a liquid, industrial ink printers , which has long been the most expensive in the world even above blood plasma . According to a recent study by the ConZumo website , printer ink holds the first position in the ranking of the most expensive liquids with a price of 4,000 euros per liter . The same amount of Chanel No. 5 perfume costs 1,200 euros and a liter of good vintage Dom Perignon barely exceeds 400 euros.

Via: Inhabitat