Is it worth buying the Apple Watch with GPS and 4G connection?

Is it worth buying the Apple Watch with GPS and 4G connection?

We can currently buy two models of Apple Watch. On the one hand, the Series 5, which has very interesting features, such as an electrocardiogram, an always-on screen or a compass. On the other, a cheaper model, the Series 3, but which lacks the specifications mentioned in the series 5, in addition to having a somewhat more outdated design. These two watches have something in common: they both have two variants: one with only GPS, and another with GPS and 4G or Cellular connection, but… What is this latest model for? Worth?

What are the differences between a version with and without 4G? The Cellular version of the Apple Watch allows us to connect to mobile networks, such as the telephone. So we can make calls directly from the watch, see notifications, write messages, ask Siri questions or play music. Even if the mobile is not connected to the device. So we can leave home without the phone, and in the event that they call us, we can answer with the smarwatch. In the normal version we can also do all this, but as long as we have the device connected and at a distance where the bluetooth works normally.

Aesthetically there are no major changes, except that the model with LTE connectivity has a red stripe on the crown (a more pronounced red dot in the series 3). In this way you can distinguish if it is the Apple Watch with a Cellular connection without having to look at the specifications.

The downside of the Apple Watch Cellular

apple watch 5-2

Apple Watch Series 5 with Cellular connection. The only difference between the two models is the crown with the red color. It is hardly distinguishable, although on the crown of the Series 3 version it is completely red, and it can be seen with the naked eye.

How do we manage to provide the clock with this 4G connectivity? The smartwatch does not have a SIM tray slot, so the connection is provided through an eSIM or virtual SIM. Of course, there are things to keep in mind.

Not all carriers offer eSIM for the Apple Watch. Only the most important, such as Orange, Vodafone or Telefonica (Movistar and O2 recently). In addition, as it would be an additional sim with the number you have on your mobile (because otherwise you could not receive calls), these have an extra monthly cost. Therefore, if you are thinking of acquiring a model with 4G, you should know that the price of your rate will rise about 5 euros more per month for including this virtual sim service. 

Also keep in mind that the Apple Watch with GPS and 4G or LTE is more expensive than the version only with 4G. In both Series 3 and Series 5, the price difference is 100 euros. The series 3, a normal model with a more compact size, is priced at 230 euros and the network compatible one costs 330 euros. The series 5 in its 40 mm version costs 450 euros with GPS and 550 euros with GPS + Cellular. Therefore, you would pay 100 euros plus 5 euros a month, 60 euros a year. Maybe it's worth it.

So is it worth paying more for Apple Watch Series 3, 4 or 5 with 4G LTE?

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It depends on how you want to use the watch. If you want to buy an Apple Watch to do sports outdoors, exercise at the gym or are constantly traveling or moving around the city, Yes, it is worth buying the Apple Watch. Mainly because you don't have to worry about your mobile. If you go to the gym, you can leave your iPhone at home and be able to listen to music with the AirPods or make calls with Siri. Also pay through Apple Pay if on the way you want to stop by the Super or have a coffee. For example, I have the Apple Watch Series 4 with a cell phone, and when I take my dog ​​for a walk, I go without the iPhone. If I need to make a call I can listen through the speaker of the watch or with the Airpods. It's 100 euros more + the price for the additional eSIM, and it's not bad at all. Also, if you have two phones, it is also a good option to acquire the LTE model. This way, you can only carry one phone (for example, the one at work) and wear the staff on your wrist,since you can receive calls or see notifications and make quick answers.

If, on the other hand, you plan to buy the watch as one more accessory for your iPhone, to be able to see what notifications arrive without having to pick up your mobile when you are at work or at home. Or, you go out to exercise less often,  the LTE version may not be worth buying. Since in most cases you will have the iPhone nearby and you will be able to answer calls with the Apple Watch in the same way.