▷ How to upload music to Spotify for free and easily [2019]


Spotify has become the most popular application for listening to music. Part of its success lies in the immensity of its online catalog and the amount of functions it integrates. One of these functions is to upload music to Spotify through the application's own options . I'm talking about music in MP3, Mp4 and M4P formats. In the event that what we want is to upload our own themes to the platform as artists, then the procedure to follow will be somewhat more complex than enabling a couple of options in the desktop version.

How to Upload Local Songs and Files to Spotify in MP3, MP4 or M4P Format

Uploading local files to Spotify is extremely simple if we have a computer to carry it out, since this option is only available in the desktop version. The good thing is that if we have Spotify Premium, we can play this same local content on our mobile devices .

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The first step to upload music to Spotify will be to open the Spotify program on Windows or Mac and go to the Settings section , which can be found by clicking on the drop-down of our username.

upload music to spotify 2019 local files

Next, we will go to Local files and enable the Downloads tab. From now on, all the songs in MP3, Mp4 or M4P format that are added to the Windows or Mac Downloads folder will be added to the list of Local Files that will appear in the side panel where all the playslists are shown. In the event that we want to add a new folder, we will only have to click on the Add a source button .

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The next step for local songs to be synchronized on all the mobile devices that we have associated with our account will be to create a new playlist with the songs in question. To do this, we will go to the list of local files and select the songs that we want to add to the new playlist. When we have selected them, we will right click on any of the tracks and we will click Add to playlist and finally New List.

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A new list will automatically be created with our name (in my case Juan Carlos Broncano). We can check from a mobile or a tablet how this new list will appear as an available playlist.

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Since we will have to download it to listen to the added files, we will click Download in the event that we have contracted a premium subscription .

How to upload music to Spotify as artists for free

The thing changes if we want to upload our music as artists to Spotify. In this case we will have to resort to external platforms to manage the upload of original songs and that will generally keep a percentage of the profits obtained from the reproduction and purchase of our music. And is that despite the fact that Spotify already allows you to upload songs directly to the platform as artists, the truth is that it is a functionality that is still in testing.

The process for uploading songs on these types of platforms is generally similar on all pages. The first thing we will have to do is register as artists on the platform in question and upload our own songs. We must bear in mind that the tracks will have to be in a predetermined format (generally FLAC) and at a certain quality (usually not less than 320 kbps).

To this we will have to add a series of images in different sizes that will correspond to the album cover . When we have everything ready, we just have to publish the content and wait for Spotify to accept our music as valid.

Platforms to upload music to Spotify 2019

We leave you below with several free and paid platforms to upload original music to Spotify as artists:

  • DistroKid
  • Amuse
  • CDBaby
  • Ditto Music
  • TuneCore