Free ATMs and commissions to withdraw money from BBVA

Free ATMs and commissions to withdraw money from BBVA 1

There are times when withdrawing money from an ATM becomes a real odyssey. If you are an ING client, for example, the difficulty is increased, since one is not clear in which ATMs you can get it for free and in which ones are going to charge you a commission. It is essential to be clear in which ATMs we are going to be able to dispose of our money at no additional cost, whatever our bank. And, in this case, we have investigated what is happening in relation to this issue. if you are a BBVA customer.

In which ATMs can you withdraw money without additional expenses if you are a BBVA customer? In which ones can you withdraw with a commission? Let's see in detail all the information available in this regard.

Of course, you can withdraw money without commission at all the BBVA ATMs that are distributed throughout the national geography, counting in more than 6,000. When the money is available by debit, the cost is zero, but if the client needs to withdraw money on credit, the bank will charge a commission of 3.5% of the total extracted, with 3 euros being the minimum amount to be paid by the client .

To facilitate the search for BBVA ATMs, the entity offers the customer a practical search engine, which can be accessed from this link. The user must enter the postal code that interests him and the system will offer consistent results, or he can also press 'near me' so that the system will locate it automatically.

These are the fees at ATMs outside of BBVA

  • If you want to withdraw a debit at a La Caixa ATM, the commission will be 2 euros .
  • If you choose Banco Santander it will be 1.85 euros .
  • Banco Sabadell, 1.80 euros .
  • Banco Popular, 1.50 euros .
  • Bankinter, 1 euro .
  • Bankia, 98 cents .
  • Evo Banco, 65 cents .
  • ING Direct, 50 cents .

How to organize a list of BBVA ATMs on Google Maps

Thanks to the Google Maps application, we will be able to have a list at hand with all the BBVA ATMs in your city or, at least, those that you select, whether they are the most common or those closest to you. Thanks to this list, wherever you are, you can go to the desired BBVA ATM. The way to make lists with places on Google Maps is very simple and we will tell you about it below.

Open the Google Maps application. If you still do not have it on your mobile, do not hesitate to enter this link in the Play Store and download it. Once we have it installed on our mobile, we will look for 'BBVA ATMs'. If you want the result to be by distance, check 'Relevance' and choose 'Distance' instead.


Next, choose an ATM from the list and click on it. A new window will open with information about the ATM, its address, if the bank is open, its telephone number, etc. We are interested in clicking on the 'Save' icon .

On the next screen we are going to create a new list of sites under the name 'BBVA ATMs' in ' New list '. On the screen that appears next we will choose the privacy of the list, as well as its name and description of it.


Once the list has been created with all the BBVA ATMs you want, carrying out the same procedure with others on the list, you will have to locate the place where they have been saved. In the three-striped menu that we will find at the top of the screen we have several options. We will click inside ' Your sites '. On this screen you can find the list of ATMs as well as other lists of interest that you have created for your leisure time, travel, work, etc.